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disadvantages of natural gas

The Main Disadvantages of Natural Gas Explained

The many disadvantages of natural gas are perfect examples why not everything that's natural is also good. We explain pros and cons, and environmental impact overall. Read more

Best national parks to visit in winter

10 Best National Parks to Visit in Winter This Year

Winter is a great time to visit national parks — the snowy landscapes can be extra beautiful, and the parks tend to be less crowded. Read on to learn which are the best national parks to visit in winter and how to be an eco-friendly hiker. Read more

Compressed natural gas, CNG

Compressed Natural Gas: Is CNG Sustainable?

Compressed natural gas has been hailed as a solution for curbing carbon emissions, but is CNG sustainable? Here are the pros and cons. Read more

What is a hurricane?

What Is a Hurricane, Exactly? The Basics Explained

They seem more relevant every day — but just what is a hurricane? Read on for the best hurricane definition and how they're affected by climate change. Read more

renting christmas tree

Is Renting a Christmas Tree More Sustainable?

December is here, and you're looking for ways to make your favorite Christmas traditions more sustainable? In this article, we discuss whether renting a Christmas tree is an eco-friendly option. Read more

road salt

Road Salt: Why It Should Be Banned

There are better ways to combat ice and slippery conditions than road salt. These alternatives are better for the environment. Read more

carbon neutral vs. net zero

Carbon Neutral vs. Net Zero: What’s the Difference?

Carbon Neutral vs. Net Zero: the terms are often used interchangeably, but they are very different. Here's everything you need to know. Read more

dragonfly types

6 Most Stunning Dragonfly Types & Apps to Identify Them

Dragonflies are instantly recognizable, but how can you tell the different dragonfly types apart? We've put together a list of the most stunning bright colors, giant eyes, and long wings, as well as a few apps to help you identify them. Read more