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what is hydroponics

What Is Hydroponics and How Does It Function?

Hydroponics refers to the method of growing plants without soil – just water and nutrients. Learn all about the what and why of hydroponic gardening as well as how to get started with hydroponics yourself. Read more

how do you dispose of batteries

How Do You Dispose of Batteries Correctly?

How do you dispose of batteries sustainably? If you're wondering what to do with old batteries and where to recycle or properly dispose of them, you've come to the right place. Read more


UVA vs. UVB Rays: How Are They Different?

Don't know the difference between UVA v. UVB? UVA and UVB are two different forms of ultraviolet light. While they each have slightly different effects, both are damaging — both for you and for the planet. Read more