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Black snow

Black Snow: The Toxic Biproduct of Coal Mining That Is Coating Towns in Russia

Black snow is a relatively recently understood phenomenon. Unfortunately, it is caused by man-made climate change as much as it further contributes to climate change. Read more

reuse balloons

Can You Reuse Balloons? Foil vs. Latex

If you have a special event coming up, you may be wondering if you can reuse balloons. We'll take a look at some of the best options that are environmentally friendly. Read more

Worst Company Cargill

Neither Nestlé nor Shell: This Is the Worst Company in the World

Child labor, deforestation, air and water pollution: The detrimental effects of big business are being felt all over the world. An American NGO took a closer look at one particular company – and has branded it the worst company in the world. Read more

climate change impact on coffee

Why Climate Change Will Make Coffee Scarce

How will climate change affect coffee-growing regions of the world and threaten your morning cup of joe? Read on to learn how coffee may become exceedingly rare. Read more

duck derby

Duck Derby: Pollution for Charity?

A duck derby is when thousands of rubber ducks are released into a river and then race to a finish line. But are they good for nature as well as charity? Keep reading to find out. Read more

why do llamas spit

Why Do Llamas Spit? Is It Dangerous?

Let's be honest, many of us have chuckled a little at those online viral videos of llamas spitting on people. But why do llamas spit? And is it actually dangerous? Read more

what is paris climate agreement

What Is the Paris Climate Agreement, and Has It Already Failed?

The Paris Climate Agreement, also known as the Paris Climate Accords, is a global treaty that binds the world in a single effort to combat climate change. Read more

Fish Collagen

Fish Collagen: Benefits, Side Effects & Environmental Impact

You've likely heard of fish collagen and its many benefits. But what are the side effects and environmental impacts? We'll take a closer look. Read more