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camping in montana

8 Best Spots for Camping in Montana

Montana's spectacular national and state parks are a must-see for any avid camper. Here we outline some of the best spots for camping in Montana. Read more

Microplastics in the oceans: sources

Microplastics in the Ocean: 7 Alarming Causes

Microplastics aren’t only found in exfoliating facial soaps and shower gels. Shocking numbers of everyday products contribute to the microplastic pollution of our oceans. Read more

what is black ice

What Is Black Ice and Why Is It Dangerous?

Invisible and dangerous, black ice can cause vehicles to slip and slide, leading to accidents. We'll discuss what black ice is and what to do if you encounter it when driving. Read more

terraced farming

Terraced Farming: Definition, Purpose and Examples

Did you know terraced farming is good for the Earth? Here's how the ancient practice benefits farmers and the planet. Read more

poisonous trees

7 Scary Poisonous Trees to Avoid in the US

Poisonous trees are found throughout the US. When hiking or camping, it's essential to know which trees to avoid. Here's what to know. Read more

diy seed starting mix

DIY Seed Starting Mix Recipe

Making your own DIY seed starting mix is easier than you might think. We outline a simple seed starting mix recipe that will give your homegrown plants and herbs the best start. Read more

types of real Christmas trees

15 Coolest Types of Real Christmas Trees

From traditional evergreens to pines and spruces, here are the coolest types of real Christmas trees you can use to decorate your home. Read more

best nature documentaries

The 13 Best Nature Documentaries of All Time

The best nature documentaries teach us about the unique ecosystems on the planet and prompt us to take action. Check out our curated list for inspiration. Read more