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Misty Forest

How Is a Forest Defined? Describing These Vital Ecosystems

What is a forest, and why are they so important? Our guide covers the key features that make these habitats unique. Read more

canadian animals

These Are the 9 Most Dangerous Animals in Canada

Canada is home to a dizzying array of wildlife, both beautiful and dangerous. We'll list some of the creatures you need to be wary of when exploring the Canadian wilderness. Read more

What is light pollution?

What Is Light Pollution? Definition, Causes and Impact

What is light pollution? Discover more about this problem and learn methods you can use to help reduce light pollution in your area. Read more

Blue ocean water and fish swimming around plastic trash

Drowning in Plastic: Ocean Pollution & How to Stop It

From microplastics to ghost nets, plastic is choking our oceans and marine life. Learn how to take action now against ocean pollution now. Read more

what are wetlands

What Are Wetlands? Exploring the Hidden Gems of Nature

This type of ecosystem is incredibly common but rarely talked about. What are wetlands? Learn more about this integral habitat and the role they play for our planet. Read more

what is a keystone species

What Is a Keystone Species and Why Are They So Important?

If you've done any reading in the environmental space, you've likely come across this term. But what exactly is a keystone species? Let's find out. Read more

where do robins go in winter

Where Do Robins Go in Winter and Why?

Where do robins go in winter? If you've noticed these red-breasted birds disappear in the colder months, here's the info you're looking for. Read more

bird mating dances

6 Hilarious Bird Mating Dances to Brighten Up Your Day

Birds are an intriguing part of the animal kingdom, and their often amusing mating rituals are just as fascinating. Let's look at some entertaining bird-mating dances. Read more