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do fish have brains

Do Fish Have Brains? What About Thoughts and Feelings?

Do fish have brains, thoughts or feelings? We explore the scientific evidence on ethics and environmental impacts of fish consumption. Read more

kelp vs seaweed

Kelp vs. Seaweed: Differences in Habitat, Appearance and Uses

Kelp vs seaweed, is there even a difference? If you think these terms refer to the same plant, you'd be mistaken. Learn about what makes each type of plant unique. Read more

animals that mate for life

18 Surprising Animals That Mate for Life

Don't trust anyone who tells you that monogamy isn't natural! Amazingly, many animals mate for life and have a lot to teach us about loyalty. Read more

debt for nature swap

What Are Debt-for-Nature Swaps and Can They Really Help?

Debt-for-nature-swaps rely on the idea that in exchange for debt relief, countries can reallocate their efforts to environmental work. Are they effective? Let's find out. Read more

indoor vs. outdoor cats

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats: Crucial Pros & Cons Explained

Indoor vs. outdoor cats: which is healthiest and safest for your feline friend? Discover the pros and cons of keeping your cat inside versus allowing them to roam outdoors. Read more

feed ducks

What Should You Feed Ducks? (Hint: It’s Not Bread)

What should you feed ducks? Make a difference in the lives of our feathered friends by learning what to feed them & why bread isn't on the menu. Read more

keystone pipeline myths and facts

The Keystone Pipeline: Myths and Facts of a Climate Disaster

Learn the myths and facts behind one of the most controversial infrastructure projects in history: the Keystone Pipeline. Read more

black plastic

What Makes Black Plastic an Environmental Nightmare?

Learn the truth about black plastic and how it can hurt your health and the environment. Find practical, eco-friendly alternatives to help you make smarter, greener choices. Read more