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No Mow May benefits of letting grass grow long

No Mow May: 7 Unbeatable Reasons to Let the Grass Grow

Tired of devoting your free time to cutting your lawn? Learn why No Mow May is becoming a popular way to help bees in several US cities while also saving on time and fuel. Read more

extinct animals

Gone Forever: 10 Extinct Animals Humans Pushed to the Brink

Humanity has irreversibly harmed Earth's biodiversity, woven over millions of years. Read our list of extinct animals to understand why conservation efforts matter now. Read more

types of biodiversity

The 3 Types of Biodiversity Explained

You know about the massive importance of biodiversity — but did you know that there are different types of biodiversity? Let's get into the significance of genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. Read more

are giraffes endangered

Are Giraffes Endangered? Myths and Truths Explained

Are giraffes endangered? We'll take a closer look at the world’s tallest mammals along with the misconceptions you might still believe about them. Read more

Types of forest

3 Types of Forests Around the World: From Arctic to Tropics

Exploring different types of forests will help us understand the most vital ecosystems on our planet that are essential in fighting the climate crisis. Read more

Tree identification app

The 5 Best Free Tree Identification Apps

Discover the top 5 free plant and tree identification apps to enhance your botanical knowledge, perfect for gardeners, hikers and nature enthusiasts alike. Read more

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Where Are We 2 Months Later?

In February 2023 a huge earthquake struck in Turkey and Syria causing widespread devastation. We'll discuss where we are a month later and what you can do to help the victims. Read more

The Safeguard Mechanism.

Safeguard Mechanism Explained: What Can the US Learn?

Can the US learn from Australian federal policy as their government reforms the Safeguard Mechanism? Find out what it is and if it can help America achieve net zero by 2050. Read more