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The 5 Best Free Tree Identification Apps

Tree identification app
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Discover the top 5 free plant and tree identification apps to enhance your botanical knowledge, perfect for gardeners, hikers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Immerse yourself in the world of flora with the 5 best free tree identification apps, perfect for novice and seasoned botanists alike. As you explore forests, parks and gardens, these intuitive apps will transform your smartphone into a powerful learning tool, helping you unveil the secrets of thousands of plant species.

Whether you’re a gardener looking to expand your knowledge or an avid hiker seeking to connect with nature, these plant identification apps will be your indispensable companions on every outdoor adventure.

1. PlantNet: Tree Identification With Extras

PlantNet is a free plant identification app with over 20,000 species logged in its database. Identifying different species of trees is as easy as taking a quick picture with your phone through the app. You will get loads of information on the tree and facts on similar plants. PlantNet also allows you to browse their extensive database freely, sharing facts on all different species. You’ll be an expert in no time!

2. PlantSnap: Plant Identification App With a Massive Database

PlantSnap has a database of over 500,000 different species of plants, including trees, cacti, succulents and flowers. With just a snap from your phone, you will have access to fascinating details about the plant, its origin, size, flowers, fruit and genus. Special software allows the app to recognize a plant more accurately than most other free plant identification apps, making it reliable and user-friendly.

There is a premium version of the app, which you have to pay for. But the free version of the PlantSnap tree identification app still allows you to take up to 25 images a day, which is more than enough to get to know about the trees around you.

3. iNaturalist: Identify Trees, Plants and Other Organisms

iNaturalist is an app you can use to identify trees, plants and a huge array of other organisms. This ID app also allows users to share photos and join a social network of gardeners, nature enthusiasts and plant lovers. All pictures taken by users are accessible through the app, so you can learn from others and chat with like-minded, green-fingered friends across the globe.

4. LeafSnap: A Free Tree Identification App Focused On Details

LeafSnap is a plant identification app that can identify any tree from pictures containing different parts of the plant, like the leaf, flower, fruit or bark. It is user-friendly, with no complicated tools or added features. LeafSnap can identify about 90 percent of all species of trees and plants, so gardeners and plant lovers can be reassured their curious minds will be answered.

5. PictureThis – Identify Plants and Share With Others

This tree identification app says it can identify up to 10,000 species of plants with 98 percent accuracy. The goal of PictureThis is to create a community space for gardeners, plant lovers, photographers, students and teachers to learn about trees and plants and share their experiences with one another.

As you embark on your botanical journey, these tree identification apps will be your trusty guides to unlocking the mysteries of the tree kingdom no matter what your location. Continue exploring, asking questions, and connecting with nature, using these apps to fuel your passion for all things green.

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