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sprouting onion

Get the Facts: Are Sprouted Onions Poisonous?

Despite proper storage, onions still manage to form green shoots over time. In this article you will learn what you can do with sprouting onions. Read more

how does composting work

How Does Composting Work? Easy Intro 101

Composting offers a way to dispose of organic matter and create healthy soil that you can use as a fertilizer. Exactly how does composting work? Find out here. Read more

olla diy

Fantastic DIY Ollas and 2 Self-Watering Alternatives

Keep your plants lush this summer with a DIY olla that will make watering much easier. Create an environmentally friendly self-watering system with our step-by-step guide! Read more

good king henry

Good King Henry: How to Grow, Harvest & Cook the Healthy “Weed”

Good King Henry is a beautiful addition to any garden. We'll show you how to grow, harvest and cook this iron- and vitamin C-rich "weed" to its full potential. Read more

plants for balcony

10 Best Balcony Plants: Native, Non-Invasive and Bee-Friendly Options

Wondering which plants will thrive on your balcony this summer? Find up how to green up your balcony sustainably — whether east, south, north or west — with these sun- and shade-loving plants. Read more

No Mow May benefits of letting grass grow long

No Mow May: 7 Unbeatable Reasons to Let the Grass Grow

Tired of devoting your free time to cutting your lawn? Learn why No Mow May is becoming a popular way to help bees in several US cities while also saving on time and fuel. Read more

garden party ideas

13 Garden Party Ideas for Day or Night (With an Eco-Friendly Twist)

Check out our favorite garden party ideas, from edible decor to vegan tacos to a photobooth built into nature. These 14 tips will make your garden party unique and sustainable. Read more

Tree identification app

The 5 Best Free Tree Identification Apps

Discover the top 5 free plant and tree identification apps to enhance your botanical knowledge, perfect for gardeners, hikers and nature enthusiasts alike. Read more