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Epsom Salt for Gardening

Epsom Salt for Gardening: Is it Safe for Plants?

You may have used it in the bath, but is Epsom salt an option for gardening as well? We'll explore whether Epsom salt is safe for plants and when you should use it. Read more

Amend Clay Soil

How to Amend Clay Soil Naturally: 6 Simple Methods

Tired of trying to breathe new life into clay? Instead of giving up on your garden, read up on these six natural ways you can amend your clay soil and make your plants thrive. Read more

repotting pothos

Repotting a Pothos Plant: 3 Telltale Signs and How-To

Pothos plants are quick growing and can get out of hand without proper care. Read on to learn about repotting pothos plants and what you should look out for. Read more

bug hotel

Bug Hotels: How to Build Your Own Insect House

Because of human activity, insects are having a harder and harder time surviving. We’ll show you how you can help, by building your own DIY bug hotel. Read more

Christmas cactus repotting

Repotting Your Christmas Cactus: Step by Step

When it comes to Christmas cactus repotting, it can be difficult to know when to do it. Follow this easy guide with step by step instructions and learn how to properly care for your plant. Read more

DIY Butterfly Feeder

DIY Butterfly Feeder: How to Make One and Why

Making a DIY butterfly feeder is simple and cost effective. It's also a great way to attract butterflies to your garden, bringing more color and beauty to your outdoor space. Read more

overwatered aloe plant

Overwatered Aloe Plant: Telltale Signs & Easy Solutions

A common mistake in taking care of aloe vera plants is watering them too much. Here's how to figure out if you have an overwatered aloe plant on your hands. Read more

overwatered monstera

Overwatered Monstera: Telltale Signs & Easy Solutions

Overwatering your Monstera can hurt and even kill it. Watch out for these signs to identify an overwatered Monstera and, if needed, follow our steps to bring your plant back to life. Read more