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companion plants for kale

20 Best Companion Plants for Kale

As either a new or experienced gardener, you may be wondering what the best companion plants for kale are. We'll show you the best vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants that you can use. Read more

sweet woodruff

Sweet Woodruff: Ultimate Growing Guide & Syrup Recipe

Sweet woodruff is a low maintenance aromatic and medicinal herb that is often overlooked. Learn how to cultivate it yourself, and ways to enjoy this edible plant. Read more

natural lawns

Natural Lawns: A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Grass

Tired of pouring so much time, effort, money, and fertilizer into maintaining your perfect lawn? Natural lawns might be the sustainable and low maintenance solution. Read more

garlic shoots

10 Tasty Ways To Use Garlic Shoots

The vibrant stalks of garlic shoots can be seen bundled together in farmer's markets or curled among your garden garlic. We'll explore what they are and 10 tasty ways to use them. Read more

Best and Worst Pond Fish

7 Best and Worst Pond Fish: What to Look Out For

Deciding on the right pond fish isn't as simple as picking the best looking ones. In this article we'll explore some of the best and worst pond fish for beginners. Read more

horticultural therapy

Horticultural Therapy: How Gardening Can Help You Heal

Horticultural therapy is the practice of healing using plants and nature. We'll tell you more about the therapeutic benefits, and how you can get started. Read more

Can You Dispose of Wood Ash in the Compost?

Can You Dispose of Wood Ash in the Compost?

Adding wood ash in compost is a great way to dispose of your fireplace waste while also providing a nutritional boost to your garden. Learn more about it here. Read more

Storing strawberries how to keep strawberries fresh

How to Keep Strawberries Fresh: Storing Strawberries Like a Pro

Storing strawberries correctly is key to keeping them fresh. Utopia will show how to store strawberries like a pro and how to keep them fresh for longer. Read more