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returning national parks to tribes

Should National Parks Be Returned to Native Tribes? A Critical View

Though the wrongs committed against Native American tribes can never be undone, returning national parks can contribute to reconciliation and to a more sustainable future. Read more

Ranch vs farm

Ranch vs. Farm: Differences, Similarities and Importance

Ranches vs. farms — what's the difference? There are some interesting similarities and a few significant differences. Here is what they are and how they impact the planet. Read more

national wildlife day

All About National Wildlife Day — February 22, 2023

National Wildlife Day is celebrated every February 22 and September 4 to honor environmental awareness and those who campaign for or represent it. Read on to learn more. Read more

what causes ocean acidification

What Causes Ocean Acidification? Can It Be Reversed?

Do you know what causes ocean acidification and if it can be reversed? Here's what you need to know about its impact on marine life and how it affects US waters. Read more

rPET Recycled Plastic

What Is rPET Plastic — Is It Better Than Regular Plastic?

rPET – or recycled PET – is a form of plastic made entirely from recycled products like water bottles. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of rPET here. Read more

defrost windshield

How to Defrost A Windshield: Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Having to get ice off your windshield is an annoying winter problem. Here's how to defrost a windshield without wasting energy and contributing to air pollution. Read more

animals that hibernate in winter

15 Adorable Animals That Hibernate in Winter

Hibernation is not exclusive to bears, in fact, there are plenty of animals that hibernate in winter. We'll show you some of the most adorable ones. Read more

california native trees

12 California Native Trees for Your Patio or Garden

California native trees add a visual element to your yard and provide a safe habitat for native species. Find out which suits your space. Read more