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fish leather

Fish Leather: Durability, Ecology, and Sustainability

You may not have known that leather can be made from not just mammals, but fish too. Fish leather could be a sustainable alternative in fashion. Read on to see why. Read more

How to widen shoes

How to Widen Shoes at Home

Ever wondered how to widen shoes? Maybe you bought a pair a pinch too tight, or maybe your foot shape has changed. Follow our guide to make your feet happy. Read more

Banana fiber

Banana Fiber: The Material for Sustainable Fashion From Tree Waste?

Banana fiber is a sustainable alternative to synthetic fibers and materials, and is making its way onto the fashion scene in a big way. Read on to learn more. Read more

Natural fibers

Natural Fibers: 10 Examples & Definition

Natural fibers, which are more eco-friendly than synthetic fibers, are gaining popularity. Learn which natural fibers are most sustainable and which to keep an eye out for. Read more

gender-neutral clothing brands

Gender Neutral Clothing Brands: 7 Eco-Friendlier Options

Check out a few of our favorite sustainable, gender-neutral clothing brands to perfect your androgynous look while keeping the planet in mind. Read more

temporary tattoo diy

Natural Temporary Tattoo DIY: 5 Methods and Ways to Make It Last

Temporary tattoos can be a fun way to experiment with designs before fully committing to them. Here are 5 ways to make your own DIY temporary tattoos and and tips on how to make them last. Read more

Cupro fabric

Cupro Fabric: How Is It Made and Is It Sustainable?

Cupro fabric (also called "vegan silk") is made from recycled cotton and cotton industry byproducts. It helps cut down on waste, but the production involves some nasty chemicals which have a negative impact on the environment. Read more

what is modal fabric

What Is Modal Fabric and Is It Really Sustainable?

Modal fabric is a semi-synthetic fabric that is often used as a cotton substitute. Although it’s sometimes promoted as an eco-friendly manmade material, is it really sustainable? Read more