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how to make a crop top

How to Make a Crop Top: 3 Easy Methods

Learning how to make a crop top is easier than you think. We'll cover three methods — feel free to adapt them how you like to create more complex designs. Read more

autumn outfits

3 Sustainable Autumn Outfits From Head to Toe

It’s time to pull out your autumn outfits! Why not put a sustainable twist on your fall fashion this year? We've got three sustainable autumn looks for you to try out. Read more

sustainable lingerie

The 8 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Looking for bras and panties that have low environmental impact, but don't compromise on style? Be inspired by our curated list of sustainable lingerie brands. Read more

sustainable activewear

8 Sustainable Activewear Brands for Your Next Workout

Being active is part of a healthy lifestyle, so we've compiled a list of sustainable activewear that'll get you moving while limiting environmental impact. Read more

How to get scratches out of sunglasses

How to Get Scratches Out of Sunglasses: 2 Sustainable Methods

If you're wondering how to get scratches out of sunglasses, you may be surprised to learn that there are simple steps you can take at home. We'll show you two simple methods. Read more

thrift flip

Thrift Flip: How-To for 3 Sustainable Summer Looks

Here are some easy summer thrift flips: Transform your old clothes into super fashionable garments you can wear all summer long (and all following summers, of course) by following these three tutorials. Read more

how to clean brass jewelry

How to Clean Brass Jewelry the Eco-Friendly Way

Learn how to clean brass jewelry in a few simple steps without any harsh chemicals or toxins. You probably have everything you need in the kitchen cupboards already. Read more

What is polyester made of

What Is Polyester Made of and Is It Ever Sustainable?

Polyester is a synthetic material primarily used to make clothing. We'll discuss what polyester is made of and the environmental impact that it has. Read more