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The 8 Best Sustainable Lingerie Brands

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Looking for bras and panties that have low environmental impact, but don't compromise on style? Be inspired by our curated list of sustainable lingerie brands.

If you’re looking for underwear for every day use, this isn’t the article for you — head over to our ethical underwear guide instead. We’ve put together a list of some incredible sustainable lingerie companies so you can purchase delicates that will be gentler on your skin and on the planet.

1. Anekdot 

Anekdot prides themselves as being an upcycle brand that makes sustainable lingerie. They use scraps and leftovers from a variety of sources including factories that are shutting down, production errors or miscalculations, as well as offcuts – and as a result, much of their products are limited edition. Production takes place in Berlin and Poland, which enables the company to limit their carbon footprint, ensure fair wages, and oversee the entire production process. Anekdot specifically makes small batches, and some of their products are made-to-order, to avoid any excess waste. Head to the Anekdot website to browse their range of bras, panties, and bodysuits. 

2. Clare Bare

Clare Bare is an American sustainable lingerie company, and all of their products are made by their small teams in California and New York. Their focus is on upcycled vintage fabrics (especially cotton) as using something that already exists is the most sustainable method of all. They also use modal fabric for their jersey pieces, and other leftover textiles from the fashion industry like silk and satin, and everything is dyed by hand using only organic dyes. Check out Clare Bare’s zero waste line for unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

3. ColieCo

ColieCo is committed to creating sustainable lingerie, and all fabrics used are made of sustainably processed natural fibers, recycled materials, or reclaimed from the fashion industry via offcuts and fabric waste. Their Portuguese studio, where all products are made in-house, is powered by 80% renewable energy. All of their garments are made-to-order, and are manually cut out to avoid excess waste — plus ColieCo even offers garment customization and alteration to help ensure you get the exact fit you’re looking for. Shop their range of sustainable lingerie including bras, panties, bodysuits, and even swimwear on the ColieCo website. 

4. Cosabella

Cosabella isn’t a conventional sustainable lingerie company, as most of their products are made out of synthetic materials, but it is representative of the slow fashion movement. This Italian company was started by a husband/wife duo in 1983, and has been making beautiful lingerie ever since. All of the dyes used in their extensive color ranges are natural, and they partner with family-owned businesses across Italy. All products are made using high quality materials, and are built to last — certain manufacturing processes they use date back to the Renaissance period, and a single thong can take up to 10 hours to make. You’ll find bra and panty sets, babydoll, slips, chemises, bodysuits, and teddies available on the Cosabella website. 

5. Eco Intimates

Eco Intimates is a boutique producer of sustainable lingerie based out of New South Wales. All products are small batch, and made using mostly organic materials including cotton and jersey. This small business has partnered with 3 home-based businesses in Bali to help manufacture their sustainable lingerie. The focus on sustainability is clear, they use compostable bags for shipping, and they are slowly achieving their goal of being a plastic-free company. Learn more about this sustainable lingerie brand by heading over to the Eco Intimates website. 

6. Nette Rose 

This small sustainable lingerie company, Nette Rose, is based in South Africa, where all of their gorgeous pieces are made by hand. No detail is overlooked — even the company they source their thread from offsets their emissions and runs off solar power. Nette Rose admits that no fashion company out there is perfect, but they’re doing their best — they even collect all of their offcuts to turn them into beautiful products in the future. They sell bralettes, bodysuits, knickers, and garters, and their designs are delicate and feminine. For every bralette purchased through their website, a tree gets planted in Madagascar, which helps offset the carbon emissions from production and shipping. 

7. Savara Intimates

Amsterdam-based Savara Intimates is a company committed to creating sustainable lingerie. Their products are either produced in-house in Amsterdam, or outsourced to female-led ateliers in Romania and Latvia, which all operate at nearly zero waste. The materials used are eco-friendly and/or upcycled, and no animal products are used. Savara Intimates bras are designed to fit — by making them adjustable, it reduces the risk of overconsumption. In addition, customers can have their items repaired for free by sending it back to the company. Plus, in order to offset carbon emissions, they plant a tree for every item sold. Check out the Savara Intimates website to see their range of sustainable lingerie. 

8. Underprotection

Underprotection is a Denmark-based sustainable lingerie company that is also a Certified B Corporation, and PETA Certified Vegan. Their products are made using a variety of sustainable materials including Tencel lyocell, responsible wool, rPET, organic cotton, banana fibers, and even milk fiber. Underprotection is fully committed to sustainability, which is why they offer a “take back” program to encourage circular fashion, as well as a repair and reward program to extend the life of their products. Their sustainable lingerie range includes maternity pieces, and is available from the Underprotection website or in select stockists around the globe. 

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