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The 8 Best Organic Clothing Brands for Kids

organic kids clothes
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Here are eight organic clothes brands your kids will love. By supporting organic textile practices, you can do your part for the environment – and for the future of your children.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is seemingly difficult enough on your own — once kids enter the picture, it can become a lot more daunting. It becomes easier to choose quantity over quality, and convenience over sustainability. However, that doesn’t need to be the case! Children actually need a lot less than you think. So if you want to buy new clothes for kids, invest in organic and good-quality pieces. 

Don’t forget, you can also shop second-hand for kids. Hand-me-downs from friends, cousins, or neighbors can also help extend a garment’s life and cut back on textile waste. After all, children grow out of clothes quickly!

Organic Clothes for Kids: Newborn to 6T

These organic clothing brands for kids are committed to helping you care for the newest additions to your family right up until school age.

Colored Organics

Honesty and ethical production are at the heart of Colored Organics. This company only uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, water-based dyes, nickel- and lead-free snaps and, they have a very transparent supply chain. They care about the clothing you put on your little ones and sell newborn sizes all the way to 6T.

Where to buy: you can purchase clothes for kids by Colored Organics directly on their website or you can add items to your cart on Amazon**.

Lucy & Leo

New York-based Lucy & Leo has very humble beginnings; the company was born from a desire to create safe garments for children while saving scrap material destined for the landfill. They use certified organic cotton (from the US, India, or Japan), and manufacture their products in their two New York factories. Soft, pastel colors make up the majority of their clothing line, which is available in newborn to 5T.

Where to buy: their products are available in several stockists across the country, or you can buy directly from the Lucy & Leo website.

Olen Organic

All Olen Organic products are made using GOTS-certified undyed organic cotton, water-based dyes, and nickel-free snaps, making them perfectly safe for your little ones. The company has also partnered with Give Back Box to donate to charities in need. Olen Organic sells organic baby and kids clothes from newborn size to 5T, and have dedicated a section of their website to “preloved” (pre-worn) clothes.

Where to buy: Olen Organic has a handful of in-store and online stockists, or you can purchase their organic clothes for kids directly on the website.

Tenth & Pine

This L.A.-based company is another American gem. Their clothes for kids are made in the USA from start to finish using GOTS-certified organic cotton, bamboo, and non-toxic, water-based inks. Tenth & Pine’s sizes range from newborn to 6T, and they sell the most adorable bloomers and bonnets.

Where to buy: Tenth & Pine has stockists in nearly all 50 states or you can purchase online through the Tenth & Pine website or Amazon**.

Organic Kids’ Clothes for Older Children

Kira Kids

If you like American-made products, bright colors, and fun patterns, Kira Kids is for you. Their products are sewn in sunny California, and the majority of them are made using GOTS certified organic cotton. These fun organic kids’ clothes are for newborns all the way to 10-year-olds.

Where to buy: if you live in San Fransisco or Honolulu, you can shop in store. For the rest of us, head over to the Kira Kids website.

Winter Water Factory

Great design, fair labor practices, and sustainability are just a few things Winter Water Factory is known for. They use GOTS-certified cotton in their Brooklyn factory and have some of the most creative and whimsical designs for their organic clothes for kids. Their products are American-made, and they screen print to avoid excess water waste. Shop their products for newborns, 10-year-olds, and all ages in-between.

Where to Buy: check out the Winter Water Factory website to shop online, or for a list of their many stockists. Additionally, you can also purchase a small selection of their product line on Amazon**.

Mini Mioche

Their plain and simple product line lends itself perfectly to creating a capsule wardrobe for children. We’re talking harem pants, overalls, joggers, rompers, and hoodies. Mini Mioche’s size range stretches from newborn to 12 years. They use GOTS-certified organic cotton, low-impact dyes, and no plastic packaging. Manufacturing for this Canadian company is both ethical and transparent and they accept in-store donations.

Where to buy: head on over to the Mini Mioche website.


Bright, colorful, and super soft basics are what Pact does best. This company is certified Fair Trade, and they use GOTS-certified organic cotton. Pact sells clothing for kids and parents, from tops and pants to socks and underwear. Their children’s range comes in both bright and plain colors and patterns and is available from newborn sizes to age 12.

Where to Buy: for access to their whole product line, shop the Pact website. For basic baby onesies, you can find them on Amazon**

Reasons to Buy Organic Clothes for Kids and Adults

There are countless clothing brands for kids and adults alike which use organic fabrics. But is organic cotton really that much better? The simple answer is yes. Not only is organic cotton known to be softer and gentler on skin than its non-organic counterpart, it also has a host of other benefits:

  • no toxic chemicals, synthetic pesticides or GMOs used
  • hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin
  • more durable and better quality

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is one of the main certifying boards, and ensures strict environmental and social criteria are met during farming and production.

** Links to retailers marked with ** or underlined orange are partially partner links: If you buy here, you actively support, because we will receive a small part of the sales proceeds. More info.

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