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8 Sustainable Activewear Brands for Your Next Workout

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Being active is part of a healthy lifestyle, so we've compiled a list of sustainable activewear that'll get you moving while limiting environmental impact.

Healthy living isn’t just about moving your body, or what you eat — the clothing you wear also makes a difference. By choosing products made with organic and natural fibers, your body isn’t exposed to the chemicals used in the conventional clothing manufacturing process. 

Many sustainable activewear companies use rPET as a material. While it’s great to get these plastic bottles out of the oceans and landfills, be aware that microplastics are released into the waterways every time you wash them. In order to help combat this, use a microplastic catcher in your machine, or add these items to a washing bag. 

Just remember, you don’t need to go out and purchase brand new clothing – thrifting is a great way to minimize your impact on the environment. If you don’t have a thrift store near you, consider buying and selling secondhand clothing online. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, try out one of these eight sustainable activewear brands to get your eco-friendly workout clothes.

1. Wolven

Looking for bright and bold sustainable activewear? Check out Wolven. This LA-based company has partnered with a WCA certified factory in China and is climate neutral certified, Oeko-Tex 100 certified, and part of 1% for the Planet

The options for men are limited to jogging pants or shorts, but they have a wide variety of women’s products in bright colors and psychedelic patterns, including bike shorts, leggings, yoga pants, jogging pants, and swimwear made from recycled plastic. In each pair of Wolven leggings there are 27 recycled plastic bottles. The dresses and t-shirts, made from sustainably-sourced modal fabric, are sewn in downtown LA, and all products are wrapped with hemp twine and packed in a reusable mailer or biodegradable paper box. 

2. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective sells sustainable activewear made from recycled PET sourced from Taiwan, and has partnered with a factory there to keep production close to the source of the fabric. The factory is SA8000 certified, meaning the conditions and wages for the workers are fair. The fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and dyed with eco-friendly dyes, and the wastewater is cleaned and cooled before it is released. In addition to that, the dye mud is donated to a local pavement facility and recycled into sidewalks and roads for the community.  

You will find a nice variety of sustainable activewear for both men and women, including windbreakers, hoodies, shorts, leggings, tank tops, skirts, swimwear, and sports bras. When you shop the Girlfriend Collective website, you’ll items will be sent in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. 

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3. Tentree

Tentree is a Canadian-based company that plants 10 trees for every item purchased – plus you can also purchase carbon offsets through their company. So far, they’ve planted 81 million trees, and restored nearly 5,000 hectares of coastline through these initiatives. Tentree is a Certified B Corporation, and is certified climate neutral as well. 

They have a wide range of sustainable activewear for both men and women, ranging from tanks and t-shirts to jogging pants, shorts, leggings, and outerwear. Tentree products are made using recycled and sustainably-sourced materials, including recycled polyester and organic cotton. Check out the Tentree website for their full range of products. 

4. Threads 4 Thought

NYC-based Threads 4 Thought (T4T) is another company taking the sustainable activewear industry by a storm. Not only do their factories hold the highest certifications available in the industry, they also recycle and reuse 80% of their wastewater, and their dyeing process is BlueSign certified. They use fabrics like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and modal to make the most of their clothing, and are utilizing bio-based polymer packaging to send their items out. 

T4T has a wide range of sustainable activewear available, ranging from men’s shorts and tees, to children’s activewear, as well as women’s dresses, shorts, skirts, sports bras, leggings, and more. Check out the T4T website to shop their entire collection.

5. Alder Apparel

Another Canadian-based company on the list, Alder Apparel creates size-inclusive sustainable activewear for women. They focus primarily on natural fabrics like modal and lyocell, along with recycled materials. They have partnered with ethical factories across Vietnam, Indonesia, and Canada, and more information can be found on the Alder Apparel website regarding their processes. 

One of their best sellers when it comes to sustainable activewear is their “get dirty skort”, which is available in 6 colors and 10 sizes. Alder Apparel also sells outerwear, tees, tanks, dresses, shorts, and pants. 

6. Nube

All of Nube’s sustainable activewear is manufactured in the United States using recycled materials. This woman-owned company has partnered with artists and designers worldwide to create prints motivated by the environmental crisis. They focus on limiting their environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process, and have implemented a take back program so they can use their old products to make new ones. 

Check out the unique patterns and design on their sustainable activewear by visiting the Nube website. You’ll find leggings, crop tops, and sweats – plus they sell washing bags to help keep microplastics out of the waterways. 

7. Happy Earth

Happy Earth is not your average clothing company – they consider themselves to be a social enterprise. Every product purchased through them enables the company to give back through initiatives like tree planting, picking up trash, and preventing greenhouse gas emissions. Happy Earth is a Certified B Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet. They are also carbon neutral and their factories are both Fair Trade and WRAP certified. 

The sustainable activewear they sell includes organic oversized graphic tees, leggings, and jogging pants, along with other accessories like water bottles and hats to help keep you protected and hydrated while you’re out being active. If you’re looking for a real surprise, check out their mystery bundles, available on the Happy Earth website

8. Outdoor Voices

If you’re looking for variety when it comes to sustainable activewear, look no further than Outdoor Voices. This Texas-based company specializes in recreation apparel, so you can find men and women’s clothing for training and running, yoga, court sports, hiking, and even for dog walking. Find your perfect match on the Outdoor Voices website.

Outdoor Voices focuses on longevity and circularity when designing their products, and uses sustainable materials to make their products. They’ve also partnered with WWF, The Nature Conservancy, and CHOOOSE to help raise awareness with regard to sustainability, carbon offsetting, and conservation. 

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