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3 Sustainable Autumn Outfits From Head to Toe

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It’s time to pull out your autumn outfits! Why not put a sustainable twist on your fall fashion this year? We've got three sustainable autumn looks for you to try out.

Fall is already in full swing. Time to get a sustainable wardrobe to match? We’ve compiled three fun autumn outfits sourced from a collection of sustainable, secondhand, and vegan brands. Shopping sustainably can be pricey, so we’ve tried to include a range of affordable and high-end brands. We’ll set you off on your sustainable fall tour with some information about each piece and where you can go to shop the look.

Back-to-Class Look

The dark academia look is always a fun autumn outfit that makes brown look classy.
The dark academia look is always a fun autumn outfit that makes brown look classy.
(Foto: Utopia / Aisha Williams)

Our first look is a classic back-to-school look with a blazer and skirt. Dark Academia is perfect for bringing seasonal shades to your autumn outfit. We’ve got some fall browns and layering for the cool weather. Here’s where you can shop the look:

  • Honest Basics Black Turtleneck: Honest Basics is an eco-conscious European-based brand that ships to the USA. Their turtleneck is made with organic cotton and sold in plastic-free or recyclable packaging. The DHL Go green program carbon-neutral delivery offsets all shipping from them.
  • Reformation Plaid Skirt: Reformation is a California-based sustainability brand attracting much attention. The skirt is made from deadstock polyester (leftover fabric). For shipping, they’ve been certified by the non-profit organization Climate Neutral as 100% carbon neutral since 2015.
  • Immaculate Vegan Brown Loafers and Black Clutch: Immaculate Vegan is a cruelty-free and sustainable marketplace that only lists brands selling non-animal products. They have strict policies regarding manufacturing, and only sustainable and ethical retailers can sell on their platform. 
  • Thrifted Men’s Brown Blazer: Thrifted is a vintage and secondhand online retailer. You can find various retro outfits, shoes, and accessories. They’re a cheap alternative to fast fashion, but keep in mind they’re not based in the US. If you order, it might be a good idea to consider an independent carbon offsetter.

Autumn Outfits: Casual Look

Who says city chic can't meet 90s retro?
Who says city chic can't meet 90s retro?
(Foto: Utopia / Aisha Williams)

Gen Z jeans are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a 90s flare to some classic items you probably have hidden in your wardrobe. A crisp white shirt and statement bag add a bit of class. You can finish this autumn outfit with white sneakers and a long warm coat.

  • Eticita’s White Shirt: Eticita is an Etsy-based brand that sells eco-friendly clothing and cosmetics. Their shirt is 100% organic cotton, with plastic-free buttons. They use Etsy carbon offsetting for the delivery and packaging of their products. 
  • Julia Allert’s Long Gray Coat: Julia Allert is another Etsy brand selling a variety of quirky and handmade apparel. The coat is 100% wool, so it might not appeal to vegans. However, the brand does use Etsy’s carbon offsetting for shipping. 
  • Emmiol Baggy Jeans: Emmiol seems like a typical fast fashion when you see their prices. However, they’ve been working hard behind the scenes with their suppliers and manufacturers to develop more sustainable materials, recyclable packaging, and carbon offsetting. They’re now part of the one-tree offsetting scheme.
  • Able Clothing White Trainers: Able Clothing is a Nashville-based brand specializing in lifetime products. Although they may cost a bit more, their clothes and shoes last a long time. They even offer to replace and repair products, so you never have to invest in fast fashion alternatives.
  • Matt and Nat Vegan Blue Bag: Matt and Nat is a vegan leather brand that sells across Canada and the US. All their products are cruelty-free, recycled, and 100% vegan. This blue tote bag is actually made from recycled bottles. 

Work Look

Soft autumn pastels contrast nicely with bold blacks.
Soft autumn pastels contrast nicely with bold blacks.
(Foto: Utopia / Aisha Williams)

This look is a cute and accessible take on the work casual. The punk boots are balanced out with soft pastel knitwear and a floral dress. Tip: if you want the tucked-in look when wearing a dress, just tip a belt or ribbon around your waist and fold your top over. Then, top your autumn outfit off with a long trench coat to keep snug.

  • ThredUp Black Trench Coat: This US-based online thrift and consignment store sells designer and secondhand products with up to 90% discounts. You can thrift shop for everything from designer clothes to street fashion without stepping out the door. And, of course, you’ll be escaping the slippery slope of mass production. 
  • MykhaStududio Vintage Secondhand Black Boots: MykhaStudio is a certified vintage and secondhand Etsy brand. The shoes are part of their 90s grunge collection. They’re Ukraine-based but deliver all over the world with Etsy carbon offsetting. 
  • Gunas Vegan Leather Black Bag: This is a New York luxury vegan brand featured on Netflix, Vogue, and Bazaar. Their products are Peta and leaping bunny-certified cruelty-free. Though their items do cost more, they’re high-quality, and you can pay in installments. 
  • Goelings Black Wrap-Around Dress: Goelings is a Canadian Etsy brand that sells handmade elegant women’s apparel. They offer Etsy carbon offsetting for shipping and packaging. 
  • NA KD Knitted Blue Turtleneck: NA KD is a sustainability-focused online retailer selling secondhand clothing. In the last few years, they’ve made significant strides towards reducing their carbon footprint, creating plastic-free materials, and incorporating recycled materials into their products. All products in the US come with carbon offset shipping.

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