drying laundry

Drying Laundry Naturally: An Alternative to Your Dryer

Living a green life is all about living life intentionally. It often involves moving away from what is convenient in order to do what's best for the environment – like air-drying your laundry. We'll take a look at why you should ditch your clothes dryer and embrace drying laundry naturally. read more

How to get crayon out of clothes

How to Get Crayons Out of Clothes and Textiles: 4 Methods

If you’ve just discovered big bright crayon stains somewhere they don’t belong, don't despair and throw out your little Picasso's crayons. This article will show you how to get crayons out of clothes and other fabrics using all-natural, chemical-free methods, with items that you probably already have lying around your home. read more

sneakers how to stop shoes from squeaking

How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking: 9 Tips

Squeaky shoes are a nuisance to both the wearer and innocent bystanders. If you wonder how to stop shoes from squeaking, simply have a look at our all natural and sustainable tips. read more

What is Silk made of and is it vegan?

How is Silk Made and is it Vegan?

How silk is made was a closely-guarded secret for thousands of years as it was prized for its versatility and beauty. Here we explain how silk is made and if silk is vegan. read more