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15 Unbeatable Thrift Stores in Atlanta for Retro Fashion and Sustainable Style

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These Atlanta thrift stores will take your wardrobe to the next level—without supporting unethical and environmentally damaging fast fashion.

Are you aware that Atlanta’s claim to fashion fame goes beyond its designer boutiques and mega brands? In fact, the city is home to an unexpectedly vibrant vintage scene, boasting some of the most remarkable second-hand shops you could ever hope to visit. From that ritzy vintage clutch to the 80s-inspired party attire, Atlanta’s thrift stores have you covered.

Yet, the magic of thrift shopping in Atlanta isn’t merely about finding a unique fashion statement. It’s also an entry point to the realm of conscious consumerism, encouraging you to take a stand against the quicksand of fast fashion. By choosing to shop second-hand, you not only uncover beautifully crafted, unique items, but you also do something wonderful for the planet.

So, why not let Atlanta’s eclectic thrift scene be your guide to a more sustainable wardrobe? You’ll be embarking on an adventurous journey of self-expression, all while championing a fashion revolution that respects both people and the planet.

1. Lost-N-Found Youth Thrift Store

Location: 2585 Chantilly Dr. NE

Not only does this hidden gem have an excellent rating, but this Atlanta thrift store also supports a great cause. Their mission is to help the homeless, in particular the unhoused LGBTQ+ youth. They use proceeds from sold items to support street outreach, a youth center and transitional housing. Make sure to bring some of your old clothes for donation.

2. Thrift Stores in Atlanta: The Lucky Exchange

Location: 212 Ponce De Leon Ave NE

The Lucky Exchange is a curated vintage boutique and one of the best thrift stores in Atlanta for unique and extraordinary clothes. Their pieces are perfect for dopamine dressing. Besides clothes, they have a spectacular selection of vintage furniture, jewelry, and books. Our tip: Bring some of your old clothes, receive store credit for them and get your hands on some sweet second-hand goodies to replace them.

3. Rag-O-Rama

Location: 1111 Euclid Ave NE

Rag-O-Rama can be a little pricey for Atlanta thrift stores — and for a good reason! They sell designer items, handbags, high-end sunglasses and one-of-a-kind pieces for everybody. Plus, they’re committed to stopping plastic waste and offer great incentives to get you started living a life without plastic. If you bring your own bag, you receive a token that is going to be donated to a charity of your choice.

4. Consignment Store in Atlanta: Out of the Closet

Location: 1858 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE

Out of the Closet, founded in 1990, is another fantastic Atlanta thrift store. They help raise funds and awareness for AIDS Healthcare Foundation. With every donation or purchase, 96 cents per dollar go to AIDS Healthcare and treatment services to support their HIV testing services. Shopping here is an excellent way to give back to the community and make a difference.

5. Value Village

Location: 1374 Moreland Ave SE

Value Village is your choice if you’re looking for surprising hidden treasures. You’re almost guaranteed to leave this location with something you didn’t know you needed. It’s one of the best Atlanta thrift stores open today and is known for its wide selection of unique houseware. It’s much more than just a clothing store — think of it as a one-stop shop for all your second-hand shopping needs.

6. Atlanta Thrift Stores: Psycho Sisters

Location: 428 Moreland Ave NE

Find this one on the same street as Value Village. This vintage clothing store offers a much different vibe. As the name suggests, it’s one of the best thrift stores in Atlanta for lovers of quirky and crazy clothing to make you stand out from the crowd. This place is like a time machine that can take you from the roaring 20s to 80s punk to modern Y2K-style.

7. Last Chance Thrift Store

Location: 2935 N Decatur Road

The Last Chance Thrift Store, which advertises itself as #notyouraveragethriftstore, stands out by offering regular deals like a 99-cent day or 50% off all items. They sell everything from funky jackets to functional shoes, rare artwork and unique vintage furniture.

8. Thrift Store Atlanta for Costumes: Chalice Thrift

Location: 200 Nelson Ferry Road

Chalice Thrift is combatting the fast fashion issue of single-use holiday attire. They offer a range of second-hand costumes alongside vintage clothing and decorations. Run by the local church in a historic building, a visit to Chalice Thrift is a step towards sustainable shopping, allowing you to find unique costume party outfits while also reducing waste.

9. Second Life Upscale Resale

Location: 1 N Clarendon Ave

Want to save money and save a pet’s life? Second Life Upscale Resale is one of the best Atlanta thrift stores and raises funds to benefit animal rescues. In addition to their store in east Midtown, they have an online shop, so you can check out their selection without leaving home.

10. Thrift Stores Atlanta: Goodwill

Location: 1460 Northside Dr. NW

Goodwill is one of the best consignment stores in Atlanta and one of the most popular thrift stores nationwide. Its mission as a non-profit organization is to provide job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs for people with barriers to employment.

Goodwill has locations worldwide; even in Atlanta, there are at least 10 locations to check out! They’re known for their budget-friendly deals and color-coded price system.

According to reviews, Goodwill located at 1460 Northside Drive NW is the most popular.

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11. Salvation Army

Location: 200 Luckie St. NW

Similar to Goodwill, Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian organization whose proceeds go into community work. We’ve given you the address of their downtown location, but they have plenty of other locations worth visiting. You can expect regular sales and events to happen, so be sure to stop by!

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12. Labels Resale Boutique

Location: 3208 Paces Ferry Pl NW.

Do you love the hunt for second-hand designer pieces? Labels Resale Boutique offers stylish, trendy designer clothes and accessories for much more affordable prices than buying new. Visit their online shop or visit in person.

13. Atlanta Step Up Society Thrift

Location: 1840 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE

The Atlanta Step Up Society Thrift has been around for a long time. Their first store opened in 1995 and offers a unique and cozy atmosphere. They’re a non-profit organization; their proceeds go into recovery counseling, housing services and more. So while browsing through furniture, housewares, shoes, clothes and other gems, you’re also contributing to a good cause.

14. Paris on Ponce

Location: 307 Snapfinger Woods Dr.

If you’re looking for a full experience with your shopping spree, Paris on Ponce is the Atlanta thrift store for you. You can sip on a juice or coffee while doing your shopping here or attend a flea market event where they occasionally serve cocktails or tacos. They’re also known for their huge warehouse sales!

15. Sweet Repeats

Location: 800 Miami Cir NE Suite 125.

Last but not least, Sweet Repeats must be mentioned as one of Atlanta’s best thrift stores and hidden secrets. It’s the perfect store for families with children or soon-to-be moms; they specialize in children’s clothing and maternity wear. Considering children outgrow their clothes fast, thrifting is a sustainable and affordable way to keep them in fashionable threads.

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