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15 Best Thrift Stores in Chicago

thrift stores chicago
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Thrifting is a great way to live a greener lifestyle. Interested in doing some sustainable shopping? Check out our picks of the best thrift stores in Chicago.

A fun way to get yourself a high-quality secondhand outfit or pick up a new book, thrift shopping is a great way to cut down your carbon footprint and spend sustainably. Many thrift shops sell more goods than you would think, from books and clothing items to children’s toys and even antiques. Whether you are in search of an antique dining room chair or a new designer handbag, here are 15 of the best thrift shops in the Chicago area that you should definitely check out.

1. Family Tree Resale

Found in Lincoln Square, Family Tree Resale is a thrift store focused on selling high-quality, good-condition clothes, shoes, home goods, and toys. A community-oriented business, Family Tree has donated over $225,000 worth of vouchers to local organizations and schools, so you can be sure your money is going toward a good cause.

2. Chicago Thrift Store: Thrift and Thrive

A thrift store sporting an eclectic range of items, Thrift and Thrive is the place to go for almost every secondhand product you could imagine. From vintage antiques and records to artwork and kitchen items, this Irving Park-based store is a great place to get a bargain or leave with an unexpected item.

3. Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ

Located in Ravenswood, this uniquely named Chicago thrift and consignment store is the place to go if you like handmade goods, designer items, and good-quality thrift clothing. Founded in 2009, Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ aims to provide a luxury shopping experience at a price that won’t break the bank.

4. With You In Mind Resale

A thrift store in Chicago with products available online and in-person, With You in Mind Resale is located in the South Shore area of Chicago.  Originally a resale business created on Facebook during the pandemic, this thrift store now boasts a wide range of second-hand and high-quality new items, from jewelry to shoes and accessories.

5. Green Element Resale

Specializing in vintage and second-hand clothing, Green Element Resale is the place to go for unique retro items. Found in Edgewater, this thrift store sells a wide range of products, from records and electronics to collectibles and furniture. With a focus on thrifting for the sake of promoting sustainable living, Green Elements rejects the traditionally tagged and organized system of thrifting in favor of encouraging customers to hunt for one-of-a-kind items.

6. Best Thrift Store in Chicago: Monarch Thrift Shop

With items available online and in-person, Monarch Thrift Shop is a thrift store located in Avondale. Aiming to provide low-budget, high-quality items, Monarch Thrift is a great place to pick up second-hand clothing for men and women. This thrift store is also focused on giving back and nurturing the local community, with Monarch Thrift’s Retail Certification program actively helping to “break the cycle of homelessness” by providing homeless youth with retail experience.

7. Alex’s Attic

Found on Milwaukee Ave, Alex’s Attic is a thrift store specializing in secondhand clothes and accessories. Established in 2017, this thrift store’s contents are available to buy both online and in-person via Logan Square. Head on over to find out why it’s one of the best thrift stores in Chicago.

8. Three Stars Resale Shop

A thrift and consignment store in Chicago specializing in secondhand homeware and furniture, Three Stars Resale is a unique gem of a thrift store found in Logan Square. As well as décor and homeware, this thrift store also sports a range of vintage items rarely found in mainstream stores. From lighting fixtures to retro chairs and dinnerware, Three Stars Resale is the place to go for one-of-a-kind vintage items.

9. Buffalo Exchange

Located in Wicker Park, the Chicago branch of Buffalo Exchange is a Chicago thrift and consignment store sporting low-cost secondhand clothing items. From accessories and shoes to vintage and designer clothing, Buffalo Exchange is a great way to snag high-quality clothing items at a low cost.

10. Brown Elephant Resale Shop

A chain thrift store with shops found in Andersonville, Lakeview, and Oak Park, Brown Elephant Resale is the place to go for good quality vintage items. Selling clothing, books, and home decorations, much of the proceed from sales made also go towards providing LGBT healthcare for the uninsured via Howard Brown Health.

11. El Dorado Thrift

Found in Logan Square, El Dorado Thrift’s wares are as precious as its name suggests. Here you will find popular brands of secondhand clothing and accessories as well as homeware items. Aiming to create an organized, high-quality thrifting experience, this Latina-owned business aims to destigmatize secondhand shopping by providing good quality second-hand items for low-budget prices.

12. Knee Deep Vintage

A thrift shop found in the Pilsen district of Chicago’s South Side, Knee Deep Vintage is all about making the retro affordable. With a range of vintage goods, from Victorian period-era clothing to accessories from the 50s and 40s, Knee Deep Vintage is the place to go for good quality, secondhand vintage finds.

13. Greater Goods Community Thrift

This Dunning-based thrift store sells a range of second-hand items, from vintage clothing and accessories to homeware and toys. A non-profit, Greater Goods Community Thrift is a shop focused on giving back to the local community, with much of the profits from sales donated towards Big Shoulders Church.

14. Out of The Closet: Chicago-Based Thrift Store

Another thrift store chain, the Chicago-based branch of Out of the Closet is located in North Halsted. Here, you can find furniture, homeware, and books, as well as men’s and women’s gently used clothing. Like Brown Elephant Thrift, this store’s profits go towards supporting healthcare services, with 96 cents from every dollar donated to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

15. New to You Thrift Shop

New to You Thrift is one of the best thrift stores in Chicago.
New to You Thrift is one of the best thrift stores in Chicago. (Foto: Unsplash - CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash / Becca McHaffie)

Located in Rogers Park, New to You Thrift sells men’s and women’s secondhand clothing along with some homeware items and used books. Like Greater Goods Community, New To You is a non-profit based around providing high-quality used items for a low budget price.

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