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Best Thrift Stores in San Francisco for Fashion, Antiques & Home Goods

best thrift stores san francisco
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Enjoy getting to know SF by doing some window shopping for sunglasses or a nice vase for your home. Here are some of the best thrift stores in San Francisco.

Thrifting is a great way to shop for unique, high-quality pieces while cutting down on your carbon footprint and exploring the city. As one of the greenest cities in the US, San Francisco is full of cute, walkable neighborhoods with plenty of culture. Whether you’re thrifting for records, antiques, vintage clothing or home goods, SF is the place to be. Add these thrift shops to your San Francisco Bucket List and get started on your itinerary. 

1. Relic Vintage

Walk to 1475 Haight Street to take a look inside Relic Vintage. This small SF boutique sells exclusively vintage clothing and accessories from the 1870’s through the 1970’s. They have everything from dresses, shoes and bags, to coats, hats, tops, blazers and more.  

2. Crossroads Trading

This thrift store is well-known for being affordable and accessible. Crossroads offers loads of colorful second-hand clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories. Crossroads Trading has three locations across SF. Check them out in Lower Pacific Heights, Inner Sunset, and in Mission Dolores. If you have some pre-loved items you’d like to get rid of as well, you can bring them to sell at Crossroads. 

3. No Shop

No Shop, found at 389 Valencia Street, is a cutesy, modern-looking store selling vintage items. The shop is full of hanging plants and artwork. They offer vintage clothing, jewelry, fun sunglasses, footwear and other accessories. 

4. Retro City Fashions and Held Over

Did you know SF is one of the most walkable cities in the US? Explore Haight-Ashbury and hit up this vintage hot spot, Retro City Fashions and Held Over, both located at 1543 Haight Street. Whether you’re looking for records, clothing, denim, or funky accessories, this is some of the best thrifting San Francisco has to offer. 

5. Stuff

Stuff, found at 150 Valencia Street, is a fun, somewhat chaotic store packed with all sorts of home goods. They offer lamps, frames, artwork, and miscellaneous items big and small. They even have furniture for sale. 

6. ReLove

Walk to 1815 Polk Street to check out ReLove, a nicely organized vintage clothing store. Relove is a great place to shop if you’re looking for denim, shoes, bags or a new coat. This vibey shop will help you embrace the SF style while keeping it eco-conscious. 

7. C. Mariani Antiques, Restoration & Custom

Located at 1301 Harrison Street, Mariani Antiques is an enchanting shop full of beautiful antique furniture. They offer vintage chairs, cabinets, chests, tables, couches and more, all restored to their formal glory. This is a great place to go if you want to add some vintage pieces to spruce up your home. They also have some artwork and home decor available. 

8. Missing Audrey Vintage

This 70’s style groovy shop is beautifully organized and aesthetically pleasing. The clothing is organized not only by type but also by color. Missing Audrey Vintage offers vintage clothing, shoes and a few accessories. They have lots of brown leather items, fun jackets and t-shirts. Head to the North Beach at 1767 Stockton Street to check them out.

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