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plant facts

10 Plant Facts That Will Change How You Think About Nature

Think you're a bonafide plant expert? We'll see! From carnivorous plants to the Tree of Life, expand your knowledge of plant trivia with these fun plant facts. Read more

What animals are scientists trying to bring back?

13 Extinct Animals Scientists Are Trying to Resurrect

De-extinction, also known as resurrection biology, is the process of reviving extinct species. Here, we look at what animals scientists are trying to bring back. Read more

Sportswashing - how common is it nowadays?

From Nike to the NBA: How Brands Use Sportswashing to Control Their Image

Through sportswashing, corporations try to conceal their dirty laundry from the public eye through donations. We'll investigate this problematic practice with real-world examples. Read more

happiness hacks

I Tried 7 Happiness Hacks for a Week — Here’s What Happened

On my quest for happiness, I tried seven different happiness hacks for a week to see if I felt any changes. Here are the ones that worked — and the ones I'd skip. Read more

Worst places to visit

8 Worst Places to Visit if You Want to Combat Overtourism

The worst places to visit are those that are already inundated with tourists, putting a strain on locals and the environment. From Machu Picchu to Venice, here's some destinations to skip. Read more

tiny eco homes

8 Gorgeous & Sustainable Tiny Eco Homes

Want to move into a tiny eco home, looking for inspiration, or simply curious to know what they're all about? Check out these 8 gorgeous and sustainable homes. Read more

30 plants a week.

Can You Beat the 30 Plants a Week Challenge?

We nominate you to accept the 30 plants a week challenge! All you have to do is consume 30 different plant foods in a week. Here are some useful tips for how to do it. Read more

Solarpunk and lunarpunk aesthetic.

Lunarpunk and Solarpunk: Environment-Focused Aesthetics Explained

Lunarpunk and solarpunk are subcultures that emerged from science fiction. We'll explain these environment-focused aesthetics and why they work for a sustainable lifestyle. Read more