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8 Gorgeous & Sustainable Tiny Eco Homes

tiny eco homes
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Want to move into a tiny eco home, looking for inspiration, or simply curious to know what they’re all about? Check out these 8 gorgeous and sustainable homes.

There’s something so alluring about a tiny home. Maybe it’s the thought of living a simpler life with less stuff or the freedom that comes with being able to build a house in the most interesting locations close to nature. Whatever the reason, more and more people are downsizing their homes and opting for a simpler, eco-friendly lifestyle.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to a tiny home, or are just curious about what they’re all about, check out these 8 gorgeous and sustainable tiny eco homes. From a solar-powered treehouse to a tiny home made out of recycled materials, there’s sure to be a tiny home that inspires you.

1. Stone City Treehouse

Swaying in the trees and listening to the sounds of the stream will help you forget the stresses of life. You’ll never want to leave this gorgeous tiny treehouse tucked away in the forests of Stone City, Vermont. Just 10′ by 16′, this tiny treehouse packs in all the amenities of a regular house while featuring several eco-friendly elements. Most prominent is the use of locally sourced, natural, and recycled materials in its construction that give this house its unique charm. 

2. Bonsai Bunkhouse

The Bonsai Bunkhouse is a tiny home located in beautiful Jordan River, BC. This incredible little cabin blends right in with the surrounding Japanese garden-inspired setting. The eco-friendly off-grid home is made from reclaimed and recycled materials. It also uses a wood-burning stove for heat and is solar-powered. There is a composting toilet and an outdoor shower that uses rain catchment as its main water source.

3. Ex of In House

A truly unique experience in a quiet and masterfully designed tiny house, just minutes from all that Rhinebeck and the Hudson Valley have to offer. Though the tiny eco home technically has no bedrooms, it can sleep 3 people. 

This unit is a part of the ‘T’ Space project by Steven Holl. The overall design of the house respects the ecological balance of the environment in which it finds itself, using predominantly geothermal energy to heat the house. Electricity comes from solar energy, instead of grid power, and a small wood stove keeps the space warm in the Hudson Valley winter. 

4. Tiny Eco Home: Hazel Hunter Valley

Hazel is large for a small home, offering two separate bedrooms, a living area with double-height ceilings, a full-size bathroom, and a kitchen. This tiny eco home has everything you need to live off the grid. A house powered by solar energy and equipped with an envirocycle waste treatment system has never looked so stylish.

5. Grand Glamping A-Frame

This little eco A-frame is just 40 minutes from the Grand Canyon. The well-designed interior provides all the comforts of home while camping in the wilderness where you can see countless stars on clear nights thanks to the low light pollution.

This completely off-grid A-frame is also set up to run on solar power and comes equipped with a wood-burning stove, perfect for keeping you warm on those chilly desert nights. There is also a compost toilet and sink, making this tiny eco-house completely self-sufficient.

6. Tiny Eco Home: Finca Salma

This 3650m high tiny eco home offers views of up to seven volcanoes in the Ecuadorian Andes Mountain range. With a loft design, dramatic windows, and high ceilings, this eco home is just as stunning as its surroundings. 

To preserve this beautiful place, Finca Salma strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, keeping in mind to take actions that limit the negative impact on the environment. This tiny house has water treated using an eco-friendly method (just using gravity and volcanic rocks!), 100% solar power, and a compost toilet.

7. Hudson Valley Tiny House

Located on a 5-acre property with plenty of wildlife and a river bend where you can relax, this tiny house is the full eco-living experience you’ve been looking for.

The Hudson Valley Tiny House is designed to be as eco-friendly, comfortable, and healthy as possible. Built with only non-toxic and all-natural materials, and a state-of-the-art fresh air system, there are no materials that are off-gas in this little house. All furnishings are made from organic materials, and all the cabinetry and woodworking is custom. To top it off, the tiny house is equipped with solar power and easy-to-use composting toilets.

8. The Littlefield Retreat Canopy Treehouse

You’re never too old to enjoy a stay in a treehouse. This tiny home in the trees has everything you need for a delightful stay and a sustainable getaway.

The Littlefield retreat is an exploration of sustainable travel and living with a smaller footprint without sacrificing beauty or comfort. The eco-friendly elements of the treehouse include many recycled and reclaimed materials, super-insulated construction, with ultra-efficient heating. The energy that powers this tiny home comes mainly from wind energy and is entirely carbon-neutral.

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