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Cupro fabric

Cupro Fabric: How Is It Made and Is It Sustainable?

Cupro fabric (also called "vegan silk") is made from recycled cotton and cotton industry byproducts. It helps cut down on waste, but the production involves some nasty chemicals which have a negative impact on the environment. Read more

can you unshrink clothes

Here’s How You Can Unshrink Your Clothes

You've woken up one morning and put your favorite jumper on, only now it's too tight. This guide will give you some practical tips and remedies for how to unshrink your clothes again. Read more

What to do with old socks.

What to Do With Old Socks? Household Uses and More

Knowing what to do with old socks is an important way of promoting green living. Follow this guide on sustainable uses for old socks and join all those looking to reduce their environmental impact, one sock at a time. Read more

vegan clothing brands

12 Vegan Clothing Brands That Are Also Eco-Friendly

Not all vegan clothing brands are necessarily cruelty-free at all stages of production. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the most eco-friendly, ethically produced, sustainably made, and stylish brands available in the USA today. Read more

sustainable jeans

10 Sustainable Jeans Brands You Need to Know

Despite their popularity, jeans are one of the most environmentally damaging items of clothing that there is. We'll share our top ten sustainable jeans brands to help you keep your wardrobe environmentally friendly. Read more

quit fast fashion

3 Simple Questions That Will Make You Quit Fast Fashion

Irresistible deals on low-priced clothes and constant reboots of seasonal collections drive the cycle of cheap clothing consumption onward. Yet, there's an easy way to beat fast fashion: Just ask yourself three simple questions. Read more