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Laundry drying on a clothes line on a sunny day.

Tips & Tricks for Hand Washing Clothes Like A Pro

Don't risk damaging your favorite clothes! Our guide to hand washing clothes will give you the results you want with minimal effort. Read more

Dopamine dressing

Dopamine Dressing: How to Make Fashion Feel Good This Spring

Dopamine dressing is pretty much what it sounds like: dressing in what makes you feel good. No matter your style, dopamine dressing gets by without fast fashion — learn how to get into it sustainably. Read more

What is microfiber

What Is Microfiber and Is It Eco-friendly?

The question of whether or not microfiber is good for the environment isn't straightforward. Read on to learn what microfiber is made of and how it affects the environment. Read more

what is merino wool

What Is Merino Wool? Does It Hurt Animals?

What is Merino wool? Your favorite sweater might be made of it, or you might’ve seen it on a label. Read more

how to store sweaters

How to Store Sweaters Safely Until Winter (2 Ways)

Winter is slowly coming to an end, and you may be wondering how to store sweaters over the warmer months. Here are a few easy tips. Read more

project 333

What is the Project 333 Challenge?

The Project 333 Challenge is a minimalist fashion challenge that reduces your wardrobe without gutting your closet. Get started today! Read more

Candles are a great add-on for many occasions.

3 Foolproof Ways to Get Wax Out of Clothes

Candles are an essential part of celebrations Here's how to get wax out of clothes if you have an unfortunate run-in with a hot candle. Read more

Sustainable coats

7 Sustainable Winter Coats To Keep You Warm This Season

Staying warm during colder months is important, which makes sustainable coats a must-have for wardrobes this winter. Here's everything you need to know. Read more