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Best period comfort food

The 7 Best Period Comfort Foods – And What to Avoid

Follow this guide for the best period comfort foods to eat when experiencing menstrual discomfort, and learn which foods and drinks to avoid. Read more

vegan tzatziki

Quick & Easy Vegan Tzatziki

Tzatiki is a fresh and tasty way to level up your next dish. Though it's traditionally made with dairy, this vegan recipe is just as good (if not better)! Read more

is rennet vegan

Is Rennet Vegan? The Answer Might Surprise You

Rennet is an important ingredient in the process of cheese making. Learn more about how rennet is used, as well as whether it is considered vegetarian or vegan. Read more

vegan kimchi

Easy Vegetarian & Vegan Kimchi Recipe

Looking for a healthy dish that packs a punch? Adding vegan kimchi is a nutritious way to create some memorable dishes and spice up your diet. Read more

thyme benefits

9 Thyme Benefits, Drawbacks & Usage

Thyme has long been used in traditional medicine for its healing properties. We'll tell you nine benefits of thyme, as well as how to use it. Read more

olives benefits

Olives Benefits and Drawbacks You Didn’t Know About

Embrace the mediterranean diet and add olives to your life! Not only are they delicious, but olives have lots of benefits for your health and wellness. Read more

How to make Thai iced tea

How To Make Thai Iced Tea From Scratch (Vegan)

Vegan Thai iced tea is sweet, refreshing, and perfect for a hot summer day. It also only takes a couple of minutes to make — we'll show you how it's done. Read more

Popcorn tofu

Popcorn Tofu: Vegan Recipe in Air Fryer or Oven

Popcorn tofu is crispy and delicious, eaten as a snack with dips and sauces or served with rice and vegetables. It can be made using an oven or an air fryer — learn how here. Read more