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3 Easy Natural Remedies for Tinnitus

natural remedies for tinnitus
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Tinnitis is a common problem for many people. But you don’t have to needlessly suffer from it. Here we outline 3 natural remedies for tinnitis you should try.

Tinnitus is the name for a range of noises we can hear, which are not caused by sounds coming from the surrounding environment. Tinnitus is very common, but in most cases it is nothing to be concerned about. In some instances tinnitus will go away by itself and there are a range of treatments available for more persistent cases.

Tinnitus usually sounds like buzzing, ringing, humming, hissing or throbbing in your ears, and these sounds can be heard in one or both ears and sometimes it sounds like it is coming from inside your head. These episodes will come and go, or you may be subject to this background noise constantly. As mentioned, tinnitus in most instances is simply a mild nuisance however, more severe cases of tinnitus can interfere with concentration and sleeping.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Natural remedies for tinnitus can help reduce the effects.
Natural remedies for tinnitus can help reduce the effects.
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Much of the time, tinnitus is caused by ear infections or congestion, and the tinnitus will simply disappear once the underlying cause is treated. Another major cause of tinnitus is damage done to the tiny hair cells in your inner ear known as the cochlea. If these hairs are damaged or broken, which usually happens as we age or are exposed to persistent loud noises, they can send erratic electrical signals to your brain, causing the tinnitus. Although there is no single cause, factors such as loud noise exposure, tobacco and alcohol consumption and unrelated health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, and head injury have all been linked to the symptoms of tinnitus.

Natural Remedies for Tinnitus

Listening to soft music will help distract you from tinnitus.
Listening to soft music will help distract you from tinnitus.
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There is a whole range of natural options than can be explored to reduce or eliminate tinnitus should the problem become a distracting hindrance to your daily routine. Just note that these natural home remedies for tinnitus won’t offer the peace of mind that a professional health check will provide, so if your tinnitus persists despite these methods, you should definitely see a doctor or hearing specialist as soon as possible.

1. Manage Stress

Reducing your stress levels will be important when it comes to dealing with tinnitus, as increased stress will likely make your tinnitus more acute and noticeable. Meditation, light exercise, or simply listening to soothing sounds or music will likely improve your symptoms.

2. Sound As A Distraction

Using sound as a distraction is actually a really great natural remedy for tinnitus. Sound therapy apps are available on a range of platforms, and gentle sounds like rainfall, white noise and whale song are good at cancelling out the sounds of tinnitus – they are also some of the best sleep sounds. These gentler, different sounds will help in providing much needed relief. You can also consider putting together a playlist of your favorite soft tracks, and through low-volume headphones listen to it when you feel the tinnitus is getting intrusive.

    3. Don’t Focus On It

    This is easier said than done, but this natural remedy for tinnitus takes your mind off of it, instead of needlessly obsessing and focusing on it. Throw yourself enthusiastically into some engaging hobbies in or around the home, renew your gym membership, take the dog for a walk, or go for a long hike or bike ride. Once you are immersed in a fun and satisfying activity, you will quickly realize that you have all but forgotten about your tinnitus. The key is consistency, so when you feel that the tinnitus is becoming overbearing again, you need to maintain that habit of exercise or activity.

    How To Avoid Tinnitus In Future

    Engaging in hobbies and activities will keep your mind off tinnitus.
    Engaging in hobbies and activities will keep your mind off tinnitus.
    (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Sammy-Sander)

    Distance Yourself From Loud Noises

    Next time you are going to a big concert or noisy outdoor event, take some ear plugs for an added layer of safety for your ears, which should help tinnitus from recurring. If you don’t have your ear plugs handy, try to stand or sit a little further away from the main sound source, such as PA or speaker systems. Also get up and walk away if possible and take a short break from all the noise now and then, your ears will thank you for it.

    Limit Your Exposure To Sounds

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that a noise that isn’t particularly loud won’t spark tinnitus. Sustained and prolonged exposure to sounds, such as a kitchen blender, hair dryer, or vacuum cleaner can trigger tinnitus symptoms again. This will all be dependent on the levels of sound you are exposed to, but try to be aware of it and limit exposure when possible.

    Protect Your Ears

    Ear protection is a must, particular for those working in heavy noise environments. In most work places hearing protection will be compulsory, so don’t ignore the workplace rules. In your own time, loud noises from engines, fireworks, and firearms can all damage your hearing over time, and in turn only exacerbate your tinnitus symptoms further.

    Use Your Headphones Safely

    When listening to music or podcasts, headphones and earbuds should always be set to lower volumes to protect you from hearing loss and tinnitus. Noise cancelling headphones are great as they will dampen external sounds, allowing you to listen to your tracks at a lower volume. A good way to test if you have the right volume set is to have a friend stand next to you. If they can hear music or sounds coming from your headphones, you have the volume up too much, so turn it down.

    Cut Out Alcohol and Cigarettes

    Getting rid of the cigarettes is going to help reduce blood pressure in the long-term, which can act as a trigger for persistent tinnitus. Not only that it is good for your over all health. Another minor vice you should reconsider is alcohol consumption. As alcohol affects the body in various ways including the increase blood of flow, this can affect the delicate parts of the inner ear, causing tinnitus your symptoms to flare up. Improving your nutrition, regular exercise, and avoiding your exposure to loud, damaging sound levels will also aid in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus.

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