Hip Dips: Their True Cause & Other Myths Busted

hip dips causes
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In the current hourglass-obsessed society, hip dips are seen as the enemy. But what are the true causes of hip dips and is there anything we can do about them?

Hip dips are the inward curves between the hips and thighs. They are also known as violin hips and by their official classification, trochanteric depressions. Even though they are common, hip dips are seen by many as “problem areas” which can get in the way achieving a ‘slim-thick’ body type with round, full hips. Hip dips are a big part of the slim-thick conversation, and in the last several years, societal beauty standards for women have shifted toward Kardashian-like hourglass bodies.

The current ‘ideal’ body is glorified for having a tiny waist with a large backside and wide hips. This obsession with women being ‘slim-thick’ contains unrealistic expectations which can be damaging to individuals’ self-esteem and health. Furthermore, some have pointed out that the current desirable body appropriates Black and brown women. Many people try specific diet and exercise routines with the goal of eliminating their hip dips and somehow rounding out their hips.

What Causes Hip Dips?

Hip dips are caused by the skeletal structure.
Hip dips are caused by the skeletal structure.
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Hip dips are a normal and natural part of the human bone structure. They simply aren’t noticeable on everybody. The existence of hip dips may be influenced by how the body carries fat and muscle mass, but for the most part, they are caused by the shape of the pelvis.

What’s important to note is that there is no significance behind hip dips. They do not reflect the quality of a person’s health. While the current trends may push people to try and get rid of their hip dips, there’s really no reason to do so other than for aesthetic purposes.

What To Do About Hip Dips

There is no workout possible to get rid of hip dips.
There is no workout possible to get rid of hip dips.
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There is no diet or exercise anyone can do to change their skeletal build. There’s also no need to do so. While there are many benefits to working out, eliminating hip dips is not one of them. Although targeted exercise can be beneficial and healthy in many cases, no specific workout will get rid of hip dips.

If you do find yourself feeling negatively about your hips, we recommend exercising to feel good with the aim of improving your mental and physical health, rather than focusing on appearance. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts will improve stability and strengthen your lower body, and might help you feel empowered to accept yourself. Being mindful and choosing clothing that makes you feel confident can go a long way as well. 

Instead of being critical, try to accept your body and engage in self-love. Trends are constantly changing and it is impossible to continuously alter your body to stay in line with the ideal anyway. For example, you probably had not even heard of hip dips until relatively recently. Instead of putting your time and energy into hurtful comparisons and keeping up with the Joneses, work on embracing yourself. 

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