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How Long Does Asparagus Last? How to Keep Asparagus Fresh

how long does asparagus last?
Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash - Danielle MacInnes

How long does asparagus last? Storing the shoots properly can help extend their shelf-life and buy you a bit more time to use them. We’ll show you how to store asparagus properly in order to keep it fresher for longer.

How long you can store asparagus depends on whether it’s peeled, unpeeled, or already cooked. In this article, you’ll learn how to best store asparagus and what to keep in mind when storing leftover asparagus dishes. 

Asparagus season runs from late February until the end of June, with April being the peak of the season. If possible, it’s best to buy asparagus locally. Not only will it taste better, but the carbon footprint is also smaller since the vegetables don’t have to be transported over long-distance routes. Take it a step further and buy organic asparagus to ensure the vegetables are free of synthetic chemical pesticides.

Storing It Upright

how to store asparagus
Storing the spears upright helps simulate how they grow, which is why it helps to keep them fresh. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay - Kranich17)

The best way to keep unpeeled asparagus fresh is to store it upright in water — just like a bouquet of flowers. Here’s the best way to store asparagus:

  • Remove the rubber band. The rubber cuts into the asparagus spear and causes it to dry out more quickly. Tip: Don’t throw away the bands, reuse them!
  • Check all stalks for rotten or moldy spots and cut them off if necessary. Pay special attention to the delicate tips.
  • Remove any spoiled asparagus spears.
  • Place the spears in a vase or pitcher filled with about an inch of water.
  • You can also cover the tips with a plastic bag, or wrap them with a beeswax cloth to protect them from wilting.
  • Place the “bouquet” in a cool place without direct sunlight. The refrigerator, cellar, or pantry are also suitable.

Green asparagus can be stored this way for 3 to 4 days.

How to Keep Peeled Asparagus Fresh

If you’ve already peeled your asparagus, you don’t have much time before it starts to lose its freshness. Ideally, you should use up any asparagus that you peeled within a few hours. 

  • Store peeled asparagus in an airtight container in the fridge.
  • Use peeled spears within three to four hours.
  • If you peeled too much and can’t use it all at once, you can also freeze asparagus. Simply portion into jars or glass containers and place in the freezer. 

Frozen asparagus will keep for up to 6 months. When you’re ready to use it, remember not to thaw it out before cooking. Otherwise, the spears will become too soft.

How to Store Asparagus Dishes?

how to keep asparagus fresh
Asparagus soup will last up to 2 days after cooking. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay - Monovareni)

Asparagus dishes should be eaten as fresh as possible. Even once cooked, the green spears remain fresh only for a limited time. If you store cooked asparagus for too long, it will start to taste bitter. 

For best results, use the following tips when storing your leftovers:

  • Pack the leftovers in an airtight container 
  • To store asparagus sauce or soup, you can also use a small pot with a lid.
  • Keep the asparagus dish refrigerated and consume within one day.
  • Reheat the dish completely before eating.
  • Asparagus soup will stay fresh for up to two days.

Tip: If you aren’t planning on eating your asparagus dish within one day, simply freeze the meal in portions in the freezer.

This article has been translated from German by Karen Stankiewicz. You can find the original here: Spargel lagern: Richtig aufbewahren für mehr Frische

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