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Lavender plant care

How to Care For Your Lavender Plant: A Complete Guide

Lavender has a lovely scent, can be used as a natural remedy, and is a powerful insect repellent. Lavender plant care is simple and requires very little time. Find out here what to pay attention to when planting and caring for lavender. Read more

hiking in the rain

Here Are Our 8 Top Tips for Hiking in the Rain

While most people moan at the idea of hiking in the rain, it can be really fun if you are properly prepared. Follow our tips to stay safe and comfy on the trail. Read more

crostini recipes

Crostini Recipes: 10 Tantalizing Vegan Crostini Appetizers

These crostini recipes are a mouthwatering way to enjoy bread and veggies. Check out our delicious and fresh vegan crostini appetizers! Read more

frying pan cake

Frying Pan Cake Recipe: Irresistible Apple Cake in a Skillet

Are you looking for an easy and delicious recipe for apple frying pan cake? You don’t need an oven to bake it — all you need is a skillet! Read more

shopping sustainably and affordably

7 Tips for Living More Sustainably Without Breaking the Bank

Shopping in an affordable and at the same time sustainable fashion can be challenging, but sustainable consumption doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here's how to save money without compromising on what matters. Read more

biomass fuels

Biomass Fuels: Pros and Cons

Biomass fuels use organic matter to create energy, but does that make them a clean energy source? We'll look at biomass fuels and their impacts on the environment. Read more

grapeseed oil benefits for hair

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Your Hair, Face & Body

Grapeseed oil has great benefits for hair growth and texture, as well as many skin benefits! We'll explain how you can make the most of grapeseed oil in your beauty routine. Read more

How to store an aloe vera leaf

How To Store an Aloe Vera Leaf (Without Any Plastic)

Learning how to store an aloe vera leaf is useful, as the leaves can rot easily. Follow this guide for storing aloe vera leaves without using plastic. Read more