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how to freeze cilantro

How to Freeze Cilantro in 3 Easy Steps

Cilantro adds a burst of flavor as an ingredient or garnish. But what if you've got a lot of it and don't want it to go to waste? Here is how to freeze cilantro quickly. Read more

best state parks in California

The 8 Best State Parks in California for Stargazing, Hiking, Camping

You don't need to travel far to experience something new. Here are the best state parks in California so you can enjoy sustainable travel in your own backyard. Read more

Comedogenic ingredients

5 Comedogenic Ingredients to Keep Off Your Skin

Avoiding comedogenic ingredients keeps your skin clear and avoids nasty blackheads. Learn more with our guide to avoiding comedogenic ingredients. Read more

how to wash grapes

How to Wash Grapes and Avoid Chemicals In Your Diet

Washing produce ensures your food is healthy and free of unnecessary chemicals. Here's how to wash grapes using convenient pantry staples. Read more

diy tiki torch

DIY Tiki Torch: 5 Easy Upcycling Ideas

There are plenty of ways to make a tiki torch using materials you already have at home. Here are some clever ideas to DIY a tiki torch. Read more

cutest exotic animals

The 15 Cutest Exotic Animals in the World

Picking the cutest exotic animals is not an easy task, but someone had to do it. Here are 15 of the cutest exotic animals and where to find them ethically. Read more

Best state parks in New York

The 7 Best State Parks in New York for Skiing, Boating, or Picnics

State parks are great for more local nature adventures that put less of a strain on our environment. Follow these tips and recommendations for the best state parks in New York. Read more


Is Degrowth the Economic Solution to Climate Change?

Can we save the planet by reducing the economy? Degrowth says we can. Learn what degrowth is and how it can help fight climate change. Read more