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how to preserve sunflowers

How to Preserve Sunflowers: Top Tips

Knowing how to preserve sunflowers will not only prevent molding but will also up your decor game. The best way to preserve sunflowers is by drying them — we'll show you how. Read more

amaranth leaves

Are Amaranth Leaves the New Superfood?

Amaranth leaves are a superfood that has gained popularity in recent years. But how beneficial are they, really? We'll take a closer look at this leafy green. Read more

cocoa vs. cacao powder – what's the difference?

The Difference Between Cacao & Cocoa Explained

Have you ever been confused by the one-vowel difference between cacao vs. cocoa powder? Turns out, they are two very different things indeed. Read more

vegan clothing brands

12 Vegan Clothing Brands You Should Know

Not all vegan clothing brands are cruelty-free. We've compiled a list of the most eco-friendly, ethical, and stylish brands available in the US today. Read more

How to build trust in a team

How to Build Trust in a Team: 10 Methods

Knowing how to build trust in a team is a critical skill in many areas of life. Whether you want to establish trust within your work team, friend group or project group at university –– we'll show you how to go about it. Read more

how to politely say no

How to Politely Say No: 8 Situations Explained

Saying no is an overlooked, but important part of self-care within relationships. Learn how to politely say no with our practical and effective tips. Read more

cuban black bean soup

Cuban Black Bean Soup: Warming Recipe

Cuban black bean soup is hearty, healthy, warming, and one hundred percent vegan. Full of herbs and spices, it makes for an ideal meal on a cold day. Read more

lemon tree fertilizer

Easy Lemon Tree Fertilizer for Healthy Growth

Growing your own lemon tree can be an incredibly satisfying experience, especially when you can do it without the need for synthetic fertilizers. Here we show you how. Read more