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storing potatoes - where to store potatoes

How To Store Potatoes to Keep Them Fresh Longer

Storing potatoes is easy! There are a few things to know about where and how to store them. Read more to find out the best ways to store potatoes. Read more

storing food

Why You Need to Store Bananas and Apples Separately

Stretch your food budget, improve taste, and decrease waste with the following tips teaching you optimal storage practices for your food. Read more

Foods that never expire

Honey & 7 Other Foods That You Didn’t Know Never Expire

There's no best-by date but it's been sitting around for ages? Don't worry about it, there are some foods that never expire no matter how long they linger in the cabinet.  Read more

How to tell if eggs are still good water test egg float test

The Water Test: If Your Egg Floats at the Top, Don’t Eat It

There are several reliable ways how to tell if eggs are still good. The renowned egg water test or float test is just one tried-and-true method. Utopia shows you how to perform a simple check before you enjoy those runny yolks. Read more

How to make perfect boiled eggs soft hard boiled

Why Your Altitude Plays a Role in Your Perfect Boiled Egg

Boiling perfect eggs is tricky: Determining how long to boil an egg isn't always so simple! Hard or soft boiled, Utopia will help you boil the perfect egg. Read more

scrub potatoes

This Is the Best Way to Scrub Potatoes

It's important to scrub potatoes before cooking. We'll look at what the best method for scrubbing potatoes and some practical tips you can use in the process. Read more

Cracked corners of mouth.

Cracked Corner of Mouth: Causes and Treatment

Find out what causes cracked corners of the mouth, what symptoms to expect, and how to manage this common complaint by reading more about it. Read more

dragonfly types

6 Most Stunning Dragonfly Types & Apps to Identify Them

Dragonflies are instantly recognizable, but how can you tell the different dragonfly types apart? We've put together a list of the most stunning bright colors, giant eyes, and long wings, as well as a few apps to help you identify them. Read more