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How to stop car sickness.

How to Stop Car Sickness in 5 Steps

Going on road trips is great fun, but not when that sudden feeling of nausea overcomes you and won't go away. We'll give you some tips on how to stop car sickness. Read more

zero voc paint

5 Zero-VOC Paints to Keep Toxic Fumes Out of Your Home

When changing up the look of your home, choosing VOC-free paints may be more important than the color! Keep reading to find out why and which eco-friendly paint we recommend. Read more

Avocado oil in baking.

Using Avocado Oil for Baking? The Ugly Truth

Avocado oil can work well in baking as it has a host of health benefits. However, baking with it is not without drawbacks — learn more to find out if you can use avocado oil for baking. Read more

how to set an intention

How to Set an Intention (With 3 Examples)

Knowing how to set an intention is a valuable skill for many areas of life. We'll walk you through the steps so you can learn more about effective goal-setting! Read more

If it's yellow let it mellow.

If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow: The Environmental Impact of Flushing

Does the phrase "if it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown flush it down" really help to save water? We'll investigate the environmental impact of flushing the toilet. Read more

Buccal massage

What Is a Buccal Massage and Does It Really Work?

Buccal massage is the latest innovation in skincare to help us in our quest for eternal youth. Does it work? And what does the science say? Find out more. Read more


What Exactly Happened at COP27?

Want to catch up on COP27 negotiations? Here's a quick summary of what COP27 is, who was involved, and what we can take away from it as we take urgent climate action. Read more

face massage for wrinkles

Face Massage for Wrinkles: 8 Top Tips

Is there any such thing as a face massage for wrinkles? We'll show you 8 techniques that may reduce facial lines and creases if practiced regularly. Read more