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Edge effects

Edge Effects: How Humans Interfere With the Ecotone

There are in-between places in the environment that harbor a wide variety of life. This is where edge effects appear. But as humans impact these spaces, concern grows. Read more

how to make acorn bread

How to Make Acorn Bread

Acorn bread is nutty, nutritious, and ideal to make during the holidays when acorns are in season and have fallen from the trees. We'll show you how to make it. Read more

easy vegan appetizer

33 Easy Vegan Appetizers for Your Next Dinner Party

Planning a vegan dinner party and need some recipes to inspire you? Here are 33 easy vegan appetizers for your next get-together that are sure to impress. Read more

Brazilian flan.

Easy Brazilian Flan Recipe (+ Vegan Option)

Brazilian flan is creamy and sweet, with a caramel topping and custard center. This tasty, cold dessert can be shared at parties or served in individual portions. Read more

gua sha jawline

Do Gua Sha Jawline Routines Actually Work?

Gua sha is reported to help tone your face, but how effective is this form of massage really? Here is our take on the reliability of using a gua sha jawline routine. Read more

environmental degradation

What Is Environmental Degradation?

Environmental degradation takes many forms and is one of the largest crises we face as a planet. If things don't change soon, the outlook is bleak. Read more

foods high in beta carotene

15 Surprising Foods That Are High in Beta Carotene

Carrots are a common source of beta carotene, but if you aren’t a fan, there are other ways you can add this essential compound in your diet. We’ll take a look at other foods high in beta carotene. Read more

kotatsu diy

How to Make a DIY Kotatsu & What to Consider First

Expensive heating got you down? Try a DIY kotatsu — a Japanese-style heated coffee table you can cozy up to with loved ones. Read more