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Candles are a great add-on for many occasions.

How To Make Scented Candles at Home

Try making scented candles from leftover wax instead of throwing it out. We’ll look at how to make a DIY scented candle, and how to customize the scents. Read more

shoe deodorizer diy

This Is How You Get Rid of Smelly Shoes With Tea Bags

Looking for a quick and effective remedy for your smelly shoes? With our ten easy shoe deodorizer DIYs, you'll get rid of the odor easy naturally. Read more

diy moss pole

DIY Moss Pole: Step-by-Step Instructions

Moss poles are the latest houseplant trend and are an attractive way to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy. Here we give some handy tips for a DIY moss pole. Read more

Black Friday 2019 deals cycle of consumption

Why You Should Skip Black Friday This Year

Another year, another round of unbeatable bargains and billions in corporate profits. However, Black Friday isn't all it's chalked up to be. Here's why.  Read more

decaf coffee bad for you

Is Decaf Coffee Bad for You? Here’s What It Really Comes Down to

Could decaf coffee be bad for you? How is coffee even decaffeinated, and does that affect its safety? Let's find out. Read more

preserving roses

Never Throw Wilted Roses Out Again! How to Dry Roses 3 Ways

By preserving your roses, you can enjoy them for longer. But there are different ways to preserve or dry roses, and some are more environmentally friendly than others. We’ll show you the best ways to keep your roses beautiful for longer. Read more

Vegan Hamburger Buns: Where to Buy and How to Make Them

Vegan Hamburger Buns: Where to Buy and How to Make Them

Ever wondered if your hamburger buns are vegan? Here we outline some good vegan hamburger buns available at the store and how you can even bake your own easily at home. Read more

how to make vegetarian gravy

How to Make Vegetarian Gravy Restaurant Quality

Vegetarian gravy can be easily whipped up in just fifteen minutes. We'll show you how to make flavorful restaurant-quality gravy without the fuss. Read more