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olives how to preserve

How to Cure Olives in Salt Brine — Easily Explained

Do you know how to preserve olives for maximum flavor? Here's a step-to-step guide to preserving olives and some general tips and tricks for storing olives at home. Read more

winter skin problems

Fix Your Winter Skin Problems With These Natural Remedies

Colder weather often comes with more skin problems. Here are the most common winter skin problems and how to remedy them with natural treatments. Read more

how to fix chapped lips fast

How to Naturally Fix Chapped Lips Fast

Wondering how to fix chapped lips fast? Keep your lips moist and nourish them even on cold winter days using our tips and natural home remedies. Read more

people pleasing

Are You a People Pleaser? The Psychology Behind it

People pleasing behavior is not uncommon, but it's more than just being nice. Let's look at why people act this way and what psychology can tell us about stopping it. Read more

thrift stores in manhattan

Thrift Stores in Manhattan: 8 Best Shops for Second Hand Treasures

Check out these eight thrift stores in Manhattan to explore New York City while doing some sustainable shopping for curated vintage and pre-owned pieces. Read more

coffee grounds down sink

Why You Shouldn’t Dump Coffee Grounds Down the Sink

Is it okay to pour your coffee grounds down the sink? It's important to keep in mind some best practices when brewing up your favorite hot, delicious beverage. Read more

what causes chapped lips

These Are the Most Common Causes of Chapped Lips

Having dry and cracked lips can be frustrating and a common problem for many people, especially during temperature fluctuations. But what exactly causes chapped lips? Read more

What is bpa free

BPA and Plastics: What Is BPA-Free?

Probably having read it on more and more labels, you might be wondering: what is "BPA-free", what does that even mean? We'll explain what BPA is, and why it's important to avoid. Read more