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Critical listening

How to Leverage Critical Listening as an Environmentalist

It's more important than ever to be part of the conversation about the environment. How can critical listening help you make effective eco-arguments? Read more

neem and turmeric

Why Neem and Turmeric Are Touted as the Ultimate Herb Combo

Neem and turmeric are popular herbal remedies on their own, but what happens if we use them together? Here is how they work and why you should try them in tandem. Read more

What is a hurricane?

What Is a Hurricane, Exactly? The Basics Explained

They seem more relevant every day — but just what is a hurricane? Read on for the best hurricane definition and how they're affected by climate change. Read more

plant-based diets for beginners, plant-based meaning

Plant-Based Diets for Beginners: A Helpful Overview

What's the deal with plant-based eating? Check out our guide to plant-based diets for beginners for everything you need to know. Read more

renting christmas tree

Is Renting a Christmas Tree More Sustainable?

December is here, and you're looking for ways to make your favorite Christmas traditions more sustainable? In this article, we discuss whether renting a Christmas tree is an eco-friendly option. Read more

road salt

Road Salt: Why It Should Be Banned

There are better ways to combat ice and slippery conditions than road salt. These alternatives are better for the environment. Read more

how to wash stuffed animals

How To Wash Stuffed Animals: 2 Easy Methods

Snuggled your teddy bear a few times too many? We’ll show you how to wash stuffed animals easily, by hand or in the washing machine, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your best cuddle pal. Read more

banana diet

Banana Diet: What Happens When You Only Eat Bananas

We’ll explain how the delicious fruit can help you lose weight and what you should keep in mind when starting the morning banana diet. Read more