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DIY hand warmers

DIY Hand Warmers: How You Can Make Them at Home

You don't need to use warming pads with potentially harmful substances to heat your chilly fingers in the winter. Follow this simple tutorial to make your own DIY hand warmers in the afternoon — no sewing machine required. Read more

gluhwein recipe

How to Make Mulled Wine the German Way

A steaming mug of German mulled wine is one of the most delicious ways to get into the holiday spirit. Try one of our simple glühwein recipes at home. Read more

How to keep feet warm

8 Tips on How To Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

Depending on the part of the country you live in, winter brings harsh weather and colder temperatures. Learn how to keep your feet warm with the following tips and tricks. Read more

Consumerism examples

Consumerism: 12 Examples and How They Affect Life on Earth

Looking for examples of consumerism? It's more than fast fashion and roomy cars: basically it's everything that sustains a capitalist and booming economy. But do these things also sustain a high quality of life and planetary wellbeing? Read more

Round cake with one slice slightly removed. The cake is dusted with icing sugar.

Mouthwatering Gingerbread Cake Recipe

No matter how you make gingerbread cake, it disappears quickly. Ring in the holiday season with this delicious gingerbread recipe! Read more

Christmas alone

How to Enjoy Spending Christmas Alone

Are you spending Christmas alone this year because of Covid-19? We'll give you tips on how to enjoy your holiday season even if you can't spend it with family. Read more

how to keep christmas trees fresh

This Is How You Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Having a fresh Christmas tree at home can be a nice addition to Christmas, but it can quickly dry out and drop its needles. Want to learn how to make it last for longer and throughout December? Read on. Read more

How to Keep Your Cat Off Your Christmas Tree this Year

This Is How You Keep Your Cat off Your Christmas Tree

During the holiday season, to avoid curious claws on your Christmas tree, we’re taking a look at some tips to keep your cat off the Christmas tree this year. Read more