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green tea side effects

Green Tea Side Effects and Benefits

Green tea side effects can be both positive and negative — for you and the environment. Read on for more info on this popular caffeinated beverage. Read more

summer spritz cocktails

8 Tasty Summer Spritz Cocktails (Including Non-Alcoholic!)

Summer spritz cocktails can be sipped with pleasure all summer long. Here are 8 spritz recipes for you to enjoy through summer, with non-alcoholic options, too. Read more


Coppicing: Benefits of the Traditional Woodland Management

Coppicing is a traditional woodland management technique where trees are cut at the base to allow new shoots to grow. We'll show you the benefits of coppicing and how it's done. Read more

Pickling Vs Fermenting

Pickling vs. Fermenting: What’s the Difference?

Pickling vs fermenting — what's the difference and does it matter? Find out by reading more about these ancient methods of food preservation and how they might benefit you. Read more

donating toys

Donating Toys: Doing Good Instead of Throwing Them Away

Donating gently used toys is a great way to combat consumerism and declutter your home. Here are a few ways that you can reduce waste by donating your unloved toys. Read more

Colored snow

Colored Snow: Reasons for Black, Blue or “Watermelon” Snow

Colored snow is an interesting environmental phenomenon. It can be all colors of the spectrum. From algae to dust, we'll explain the origins and implications of various snow colors. Read more

Broccoli pesto recipe.

Broccoli Pesto: 3 Step Recipe for Pasta, Grill & More

Our broccoli pesto is delicious, vegan, and bursting with nutrients. Find out how to make it in less that ten minutes by reading our simple recipe. Read more

fēng shuǐ kitchen

11 Creative Ways to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

If you feel out of sync, uninspired, or overwhelmed in your space, creating a fēng shuǐ kitchen might help bring you some clarity and a fresh, energized perspective. Read more