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Can you use expired sunscreen

Can You Use Expired Sunscreen? Here’s What to Check to be Sure

When the sun is suddenly out and you only have that one bottle of sunscreen from last year — and it's past its expiration date. But can you use expired sunscreen, should you, and is it still better than no sunscreen at all? Read more

sunburned eyes

Sunburned Eyes: How to Tell If You Have Photokeratitis

Sunburned eyes can be a painful and sometimes serious injury. Find out more about it and how to avoid damaging your eyes and vision. Read more

hiking vs trekking

Hiking vs. Trekking: Find Out Which One Is For You

Choosing between hiking vs. trekking can be a difficult decision. Both are great forms of exercise, but how do you tell which one is right for you? Read more

What is a prepper?

What Is a Prepper and Why Is Prepping Gaining Popularity?

What is a prepper — paranoid conspiracy theorist or practical survivor? Decide for yourself with our comprehensive account of preppers and why so many people are prepping. Read more

kelp vs seaweed

Kelp vs. Seaweed: Differences in Habitat, Appearance and Uses

Kelp vs seaweed, is there even a difference? If you think these terms refer to the same plant, you'd be mistaken. Learn about what makes each type of plant unique. Read more

animals that mate for life

18 Surprising Animals That Mate for Life

Don't trust anyone who tells you that monogamy isn't natural! Amazingly, many animals mate for life and have a lot to teach us about loyalty. Read more

Health benefits of ice bath.

9 Health Benefits of Ice Baths That Will Make You Brave the Cold

Wondering about the health benefits of an ice bath? There's more to this practice than just braving the cold – learn why you should consider taking the plunge yourself. Read more

debt for nature swap

What Are Debt-for-Nature Swaps and Can They Really Help?

Debt-for-nature-swaps rely on the idea that in exchange for debt relief, countries can reallocate their efforts to environmental work. Are they effective? Let's find out. Read more