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convergent evolution examples

Parallel Paths: How 10 Organisms Achieved Similar Goals With Convergent Evolution

Here we look at several examples of convergent evolution which help to explain how species of different kinds and origins can evolve similar traits despite the odds. Read more

How to fix undercooked rice.

How to Fix Undercooked Rice in Just a Few Minutes

Cooking rice is pretty easy, right? Not always — it can sometimes turn out dry or undercooked. But don't throw it away! We'll teach you how to fix undercooked rice in a few steps. Read more

fofo fear of finding out

FOFO: How to Deal With the Psychological Barrier “Fear of Finding Out”

FOFO can have a profound negative impact if you let it get too far. We break down this complex psychological barrier and investigate potential solutions. Read more

best hot springs in the US

The Best Hot Springs in the US to Visit in 2023

Visit the best hot springs in the US to improve your health! Hidden all over the country, the offer a wellness experience like no other. Read more

Blue hydrogen

Blue Hydrogen: How ‘Green’ Are Blue, Gray and Turquoise Hydrogen?

Many consider blue hydrogen the cleanest way of producing hydrogen, but how green is it really? Join us as we delve into blue hydrogen's environmental impact. Read more

bare minimum monday

Bare Minimum Monday: Mental Health Hack or Just a Trend?

Bare Minimum Monday advocates a slow Monday to prioritize mental health over productivity. Here's a look at all sides of the debate. Read more

community solar

Can’t Install Solar Panels? Community Solar Might Be the Way to Go

Community solar projects have the potential to democratize access to renewable energy while also empowering local communities, but are they feasible? Read more

types of lawn mushrooms

Edible or Poisonous? 9 Fascinating Types of Lawn Mushrooms

Can you pick and eat lawn mushrooms? There are many different types, so it's important to know the common edible and poisonous backyard mushrooms. Read more