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afternoon routine

Why You Should Have an Afternoon Routine

What is an afternoon routine and why does it make sense to create one? Keep reading for different midday activities to help you become more mindful and productive. Read more

mushroom facts, facts about mushrooms

Mushroom Mania: 10 Fungi Facts From Forest to Kitchen

There are incredible facts about mushrooms, ranging from nutritional benefits to abilities in mitigating climate change — and even providing new textiles. Read more

best rock climbing in the world

The 14 Best Rock Climbing Spots in the World (7 Are in the US!)

Some of the best rock climbing in the world is in the US, so you don't have to travel far to get your thrill. From Red River Gorge to The Bugaboos, we've got you covered. Read more

self care day ideas

Need a Self Care Day? Here Are 15 Ideas for Mindful Relaxation

Self-care can reduce stress, increase happiness and even lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Try these 15 self-care day ideas that work for any budget and mood. Read more

plant facts

10 Plant Facts That Will Change How You Think About Nature

Think you're a bonafide plant expert? We'll see! From carnivorous plants to the Tree of Life, expand your knowledge of plant trivia with these fun plant facts. Read more

What is the fastest way to cure dehydration

What Is the Fastest Way to Cure Dehydration? Water, Tea, Electrolytes & Co.

Dehydration can be caused by several reasons, but what is the fastest way to cure dehydration? We'll share five tips on how to hydrate fast and how to avoid getting dehydrated. Read more

arrowroot powder substitute

6 Easy Arrowroot Powder Substitutes From Your Kitchen

Don't have arrowroot on hand and need something gluten-free to thicken your sauce? Don't sweat it! You're bound to have one of these arrowroot powder substitutes in your pantry. Read more

How to help someone with social anxiety

These Are the 8 Best Ways to Help Someone With Social Anxiety

Learning how to help someone with social anxiety could bring healing and reassurance to those suffering from this debilitating disorder. Find out how with our evidence-based tips. Read more