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what is yin yoga

What Is Yin Yoga? Here Are its Health Benefits and 10 Poses

What is yin yoga and why is it right for you? This restorative practice is great for the body and soul. Here are our top 10 yin yoga poses. Read more


The 10 Hottest Cli-Fi Books You Need to Read

Cli-fi is short for climate fiction, books that explore the potential outcomes of the climate crisis and global warming. They must just inspire you to take climate action. Read more

how does dry cleaning work

How Does Dry Cleaning Work? Is It Environmentally Harmful?

Ever wondered how dry cleaning works? The process may clean your thick or delicate clothes and fabrics, but what impact does it have on the environment? Read on to find out. Read more

when was asbestos banned

When Was Asbestos Banned and Why?

For decades, products containing the material asbestos were widely used until scientists discovered the devastating health effects of prolonged asbestos exposure. When exactly was asbestos banned and more importantly why? Read more

Digital detox break your tech addiction

How a Digital Detox Can Cure Your Technology Addiction

All day long, our smartphones, laptops and tablets are turned on. But when is it too much, and how can a digital detox help? Read more

Vegan rendang.

Delicious Vegan Rendang Recipe With Mushrooms

Vegan rendang is creamy, spicy, nutty and warming. After the paste is made, the mushrooms cook super-fast and absorb all of the layers of flavor — delicious! Read more

best goats for pets

6 Best Goats for Pets: Types and Breeds to Keep

Goats, typically kept as livestock, also make great pets. These loving animals are gentle, and owning one can be rewarding. Here are some of the best goat breeds to have as pets. Read more

oatmeal alternatives

7 Oatmeal Alternatives to Spice Up Your Breakfast

These oatmeal alternatives are a great way to try something new at breakfast. From mung bean porridge to chia pudding, here are our seven favorite swaps. Read more