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How to find geodes.

How to Find Geodes in 4 Steps (And Where to Look)

Learn how to find geodes and find physical proof that beauty does indeed lie within. Discover more about these unusual rock formations and how you might find them in nature. Read more

How to stay focused while studying.

9 Tips for How to Stay Focused While Studying

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minimalist christmas decorations

10 Clever Minimalist Christmas Decorations

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careers in environmental science

13 Exciting Careers in Environmental Science

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Gingelly oil

What Is Gingelly Oil and What Is It Used For?

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Hurricanes vs typhoons

Hurricanes vs. Typhoons: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to hurricanes vs. typhoons, the differences are minimal and the similarities abundant. Find out more about these aggressive weather phenomena by reading more. Read more

christmas tree worm

The Christmas Tree Worm Isn’t What You Think It Is

Have you ever heard of the Christmas Tree Worm? It isn't a standard earthworm, it actually lives under the sea. Learn more about this fascinating creature. Read more

best state to live off grid

Ranked: The 10 Best States to Live Off-Grid

Wondering which is the best state to live off-grid? Let's take a closer look at which parts of the country are most suited to this increasingly popular lifestyle. Read more