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vegan eggnog recipe

Here’s the Only Vegan Eggnog Recipe You’ll Ever Need

This vegan eggnog recipe only takes five minutes to whip up, so you can enjoy this sweet and creamy beverage with your friends and family this holiday season. Read more

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8 Easy & Natural Home Remedies for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can leave a foul taste, give you bad breath and make it hard to swallow. Here are 8 easy home remedies to for dry mouth. Read more

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How to Make Paper Stars: Easy Craft Tutorial for Christmas Stars

Looking for a fun, easy Christmas craft? Here's how to make paper stars using just recycled materials and tape. Read more

How to Take Care of Poinsettias

How to Take Care of Your Poinsettia aka Christmas Star

These gorgeous plants have become synonymous with the holiday season. Let's take a look at how to take care of poinsettias aka Christmas Star to keep them thriving throughout the winter. Read more

insulated windows

3 Simple Ways to Quickly Insulate Your Windows

Heating your home in winter can be costly for you and the planet. Learn how insulated windows can keep costs down and reduce your energy usage. Read more

Camping tips

20 Best Camping Tips for a Smoother Trip

Planning a camping trip but unsure where to start? Read on to learn helpful, practical, and sustainable camping tips for your next adventure. Read more

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This Is How You Take Care of Hydrangeas in Winter

Some hydrangea varieties need extra winter care. We explain when they need a warmer location and what you should pay attention to during the winter. Read more

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How To Make Salt Dough Ornaments (For All Ages)

Salt dough ornaments are a fun project for all ages. With our quick and easy salt dough recipe, you can create unique works of art. Read more