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Ripen Avocados Fast in a Paper Bag With a Banana

how to ripen avocados fast
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Wondering how to ripen avocados fast? Look no further than this article. We'll show you the best ways to ripen avocados quickly so you can enjoy them sooner.

While the versatile avocado may be hugely popular for its creamy flavor and buttery texture, it can sometimes feel like finding the right number of ripe avocados is merely a matter of luck. Avocados do not ripen on the tree, they only ripen after harvesting, which is why you may see avocados at grocery stores that are still green and hard. In fact, avocado producers often treat unripe avocados with the ethylene-blocking chemical 1-methyl cyclopropane (1-MCP) to delay their ripening when transporting them globally.  

But is there a way to ripen avocados quickly? Techniques to ripen avocados are limited and depend on when you need the avocado and how ripe it is from the start. Learn how to ripen avocados fast using the simple method below. 

How to Ripen Avocados Fast in 1 Simple Method

Want to know how to ripen avocados fast? Place them in a paper bag with a banana.
Want to know how to ripen avocados fast? Place them in a paper bag with a banana.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / coyot)

The best way to ripen an avocado as quickly as possible is to store it in a paper bag with a banana. This works well because the paper bag encloses the naturally released ethylene that avocados emit which helps them ripen. Keeping both avocado and banana in the bag will further assist in ripening because these fruits are ethylene-emitting organisms, meaning that there will be a greater amount of this gas in the paper bag. This in turn will speed up the ripening process of the avocado and the banana simultaneously.

It’s important that the avocado be kept in a paper bag because it is breathable but can trap some of the ethylene gas needed to make the avocado ripen faster. Finally, it’s best if these fruits are kept at room temperature, ideally around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. If they are stored in colder temperatures, the avocado will take longer to ripen. 

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