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The Ultimate Vegan Grilled Cheese

Vegan grilled cheese
Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / stevepb

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a vegan grilled cheese sandwich. You can keep it traditional, or opt for some quirky or fiery additions, to suit all taste buds.

Vegan grilled cheese used to be a thing vegans only dreamed of, but now there are plenty of dairy-free options available. While there used to be very few alternatives that captured the right taste, vegan cheese products are now popular with vegans and non-vegans alike.

This recipe, and the sneaky alternatives mentioned, draw upon rich flavors that are fantastic when grilled. You can choose your favorite type of vegan cheese for this recipe, but you’ll have the best results if you use smoked varieties. Those that have an onion flavor add something extra, but you can also add finely diced red onions to your favorite cheese.

Once you’ve got your favorite cheeses at the ready, it’s time to start grilling.

Vegan Grilled Cheese Recipe

This vegan grilled cheese is bursting with flavor.
This vegan grilled cheese is bursting with flavor. (Foto: / ron sumners)

This recipe will work on the grill or in a pan: you decide.

Yield: 1 sandwich


  • A few slices of vegan cheese. Cheddar, smoked cheese, or a cheese and onion combo all work well.
  • 1-2 tbps. vegan butter or vegan mayo
  • 2 slices of bread, a pita, or a wrap


  1. Grate the cheese. This helps the cheese melt in a more consistent way.
  2. Apply the vegan butter or mayo to the outsides of the bread.
  3. Place one slice of bread butter side down on the grill or pan. Sprinkle the cheese and any other ingredients on top, then add the second slice of bread, buter side up.
  4. Grill or cook on medium-high heat on one side until the cheese just begins to melt (3-5 minutes), then flip and allow to cook another 3-5 minutes until the bread is golden brown and the cheese is gooey. Slice and serve.

Vegan Grilled Cheese Add-Ons

Add peppers, spinach or mushrooms to your grilled cheese.
Add peppers, spinach or mushrooms to your grilled cheese. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Nayuta)

Now that you have the basics for your vegan grilled cheese recipe, here are some optional add-ons:

  • Hot sauce (piri piri gives a spicy kick, or you could opt for a sweeter, lime-based sauce)
  • Spinach (cook down, drain excess water, and sprinkle in with the grated cheese)
  • Finely diced mushrooms (cook with plenty of vegan butter until crispy, then add into the cheese mixture)
  • Finely diced peppers (cook until soft and sweet, then sandwich between the cheese)
  • Capers (whole or chopped, they will add a lovely tang)
  • Chopped olives (green for a sweet flavor, black for a more tart flavor).

You can also dunk your vegan grilled cheese sandwich into a homemade vegan mayo, like spicy sriracha mayo or wasabi mayo.

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