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how to get crayon off walls

How to Get Crayon off Walls: 7 Tips

Crayon on the walls? No problem. Learning how to get crayon off walls is an essential part of being a good parent or caregiver. We've gathered 7 tips for getting crayon off. Read more

how to keep cats from scratching your furniture

How to Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture: 6 Top Tips

Is your cat scratching your furniture? There are a few ways to stop this behavior. Follow these easy tips to keep your cat from ruining your furniture. Read more

diy mouthwash

Sage Mouthwash: All-Natural Recipe

Commercial mouthwashes often contain ingredients you don’t want or need. With these DIY mouthwash recipes, you can keep your mouth feeling fresh naturally. Read more

how to get rid of deodorant stains

How To Clean Carpet With Baking Soda: A Simple DIY Recipe

Did you know that you can make a cheap and effective carpet cleaner out of baking soda? The trusted home remedy is a milder alternative to heavier chemical cleaners. Also, it’s very easy to make. Read more

Homemade furniture polish

Homemade Furniture Polish: 3 Eco-Friendly Methods

Some store-bought furniture polish will make wood look dirtier over time. Switch to eco-friendly homemade furniture polish for the benefit of your furniture and the planet. Read more

What to do with old pillows

What To Do With Old Pillows: 8 Eco-Friendly Options

Ever wondered what to do with old pillows? Old pillows cannot usually be thrown away or easily recycled. Here are some eco-friendly ideas for things to do with old pillows. Read more

when to turn heat on

When to Turn the Heat On: 5 Factors to Consider

Knowing when to start heating your home in the colder months isn't as straightforward as you might think. These tips should help you know when to turn your heat on in order to responsibly look after your home and environment. Read more

space heaters energy efficient

Are Space Heaters Energy Efficient?

Are space heaters energy efficient? If you're looking for a way to keep your home warm this winter despite rising energy costs, let's take a closer look. Read more