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living moss wall

How to Add Life to a Room With Living Moss Wall Art

If you're a fan of houseplants, but can't seem to keep them alive, consider adding living moss wall art to brighten up your space. We'll explain how they work. Read more

homemade birthday gift

20 Easy Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

Homemade birthday gifts are not only more personal but usually work out cheaper too. Here are 20 easy DIY gift ideas and tutorials for any celebration.  Read more

How to crochet reusable produce bag

How To Crochet a Bag in Only One Day

This project makes a versatile, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and video on how to crochet a bag and take your produce bag on the go. Read more

does mustard go bad

Does Mustard Go Bad? 4 Tips for Storing and Using It

An essential condiment alongside ketchup and mayonnaise, mustard is a kitchen staple. But does mustard go bad? How can you tell when it spoils? Learn more here. Read more

Remove urine stains

How to Sustainably Remove Urine Stains from Furniture, Carpet and Clothing

Need to remove urine stains from your furniture, clothing, and carpets sustainably? Look no further. Whether it's pet pee or little ones who just couldn't wait, here are a few ways to fix it. Read more

crayola markers vegan

Are Crayola Markers and Crayons Vegan? Here Are 5 Alternatives

Coloring is a classic children's pastime, but are Crayola markers vegan? Are Crayola crayons vegan? We'll discuss why or why not and give you five eco-friendly alternatives. Read more

vinca care

Vinca Plant: Care, Growing Guide and Propagation

The common vinca is a colorful and easy-to-grow plant that is ideal for flowerbeds, rock gardens, and containers. Use these vinca care tips to help them thrive. Read more

Vanilla bean paste substitute

Vanilla Bean Paste Substitute: 7 Options and How to Use Them

Vanilla bean past substitutes are handy for a number of recipes. When you can't get the real thing, these swaps will add that sweet vanilla taste to your baking. Read more